Who wants to play pass the parcel?

Just thought I’d post this here, I had that visual bug and reported it to them in chat as well as here, but it’s now like a game of pass the parcel. I didn’t mean it to be, it was meant for the analyst that helped me to begin with, not someone new. I can definitely see why people get frustrated


I feel like Monzo’s customer support need to be better trained to deal with more issues. It seems a very common issue for basically any issue where the resolution isn’t to provide information needs to be passed to a specialist.


Yes, that’s one issue that could certainly do with improving.

But the other layer (highlighted by @andrew_fishy and which I think is even more annoying) is getting told you are being passed to a specialist by multiple support operators before you arrive at said specialist. I suspect they think they’re doing us a favour by constantly updating us on what’s happening their end but I think it’s just annoying. No need for an update until the person who can actually help is found.


No, I disagree, I would rather know something was happening, even if it wasn’t with the right person.

Though maybe only the messages and the not the pop up when someone joins and leaves

Jamie saw the chat log and just noped out immediately. Nice talking to you, Jamie! :wave: I wonder if checking in then immediately checking out helps with their SLAs?

This is so bad it’s comical. I just can’t consider Monzo a serious bank anymore until support is sorted


Did Tom solve it?

I’d have thought so since it didn’t really warrant a reply in the first place!

Oh, that emoji made me laugh! I really wish they wouldn’t use emojis, makes them feel like /r/fellowkids


The problem is that I don’t think monzo see this as something that needs sorting. For them it appears to be (mostly) working as intended.

Or maybe they should use confusing and inappropriate emoji instead. It would make conversations at least a bit more entertaining

Hi Customer, it’s COp here! :duck:

I’m sorry to hear about your issue :eggplant: but we can look into this for you :crown:

I’m going to pass you to a specialist 🥸


I think they are so determined to not be like “other banks” who are formal and stuffy and not seem to be blunt, that they think emojis fix it. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it just looks silly.

Still no reason to push you to half the company.


Or getting to the specialist you need, then non-specialists taking back the thread and telling you they will pass it to a specialist. A recent query took days and about a dozen people to resolve. I’d got to a specialist in the right area within the first couple of days, then the conversation got taken over by others again.

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I had similar recently :sweat_smile:.
Contacted with a simple question, but was technically in contact with 3 different staff members 🙋 :raising_hand_woman: :raising_hand_man:

It felt like not all staff members were reasonably expected in their roles :thinking::roll_eyes:


I guess forum members would generally not be putting in simple questions but…

Has anyone ever had their response solved by the first person they spoke to on Monzo chat?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Never contacted support

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If issues were triaged properly so they go to the correct department first time, then one person owns the issue until resolution, problems would be solved quicker and users would have a much better experience.


I understand what you are saying :blush::+1:

Look at the poll above :eyes::point_up_2:

But when you asking a simple question and still have to chat with 3 or 4 staff members, it looks absurd in some point :confused:


You can’t blame the support staff for that because they’re just following procedures. So saying that they’re not good at their role is unkind.

Perhaps you should leave remarks like that out of the discussion because they have been known to frequent the forum. We don’t know whether it’s poor training, if it’s meant to be like that or how much say/control they have in these situations. Instead stick with what you know and be constructive with your criticism without pointing fingers.


I don’t blame support :roll_eyes:

But at the end of the day I am a customer and I don’t want to be “pushed around” the departments :expressionless:

Procedures always can be improved internally :grimacing:


I hope the are around, and I they taking on board (making notes) what we are discussing on here :computer::floppy_disk::camera_flash:

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Your earlier comment seemed like you were. Either way I’m glad you’re no longer doing this :+1: