Who needs payslips?! See your salary in Monzo before it gets paid

Starting from today, you’ll be able to see your salary in Monzo the day before it gets paid! :date:

For those of you who get paid via BACS, you’ll be able to see your real salary a day in advance. Get some peace of mind without having to open your payslip every time. :crystal_ball:


It’s another great reason to consider using Monzo as your main account.

Let us know what you think!


Nice! Will look out for that in the next few days.

Just noticed this morning :slight_smile: Nicely timed release with Payday brought forward with the Bank Holiday! :raised_hands:t2:


Can you just pay us a day earlier then, if you know the amount?



Looks great! Love all these little touches that are being added lately.

Pitty my employer pays by FPS though! :pensive:

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Now if only the summary would automatically adjust the dates seeing as you can see money coming in :upside_down_face:


I absolutely love this. I have been #fullmonzo for over a month now. The one thing I missed was not being able to see next days debits and credits but now that is sorted :+1:


They used to, in the very early days of the current account! But they changed it so you only get credited when it has properly cleared. I think there’s the possibility the transfer can be cancelled at any point before it’s actually cleared into your account.


Great! I can see tomorrow’s salary payment in there already.



I also saw this pop up earlier this morning, really nice touch :smile:

Would be interesting to know a bit more about the mechanics of BACS payments and how it is that you get informed before the credits hit accounts.

My new employer uses faster payments, although it being tied to BACS is a bit weird when summary exists (setting it to your salary in summary would make sense, wouldn’t it?)

This is great, nice one Monzo :ok_hand:

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I have been able to see pending transactions in my FD account for as long as I have had it. Nice update for Monzo.


Even pending incoming BACS payments?

Love this. It’s showing up in my feed now, payday tomorrow. A relief as I emailed payroll to see if they’d got the change of details as part of CASS, and she hadn’t. So I gave her my details manually. To see that it’s pending means I can relax! Brilliant stuff.

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I don’t know what my employer uses (NHS) but yes I can see my pay a day in advance.

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Working for me as payday is tomorrow :smiley:

We now show all pending outgoing and incoming BACS payments! :crystal_ball:


Does this work with CHAPS payments?


Even if we say please really nicely? hah