Which of the following CEOs would you rather learn from and why?

If you had the choose to learn from any of the six fintech CEOs below, which would you choose?. Why would you choose them?. Why wouldn’t you choose others?.

Anne Boden: Founder and CEO of Starling.
Nikolay Storonsky: Founder and CEO of Revolut
Chris Britt: Founder and CEO of Chime bank
Valentin Stalf: Founder and CEO of N26
TS Anil: CEO of Monzo
David Velez - Founder and CEO of Nubank

I think I would go for Nikolay Storonsky. He seems to be building the Amazon of banking and is focused on the customer and product. He doesn’t seem to care about being a celebrity CEO or anything other than the company.

I don’t think that’s quite the accolade you believe it to be.


It’s also not anywhere close to correct using any metric.

I’d like to learn from whichever of them knows about bike maintenance

Can’t get these front brakes right




I personally don’t understand these comparisons. They’re nonsensical and I’m not sure why any would aspire to be like them.

I also wouldn’t say any have achieved such a status worthy of being described comparably to leading innovators of other industries. For starters, not only would you have to completely transform and revolutionise the industry you’re apart of, you would also then need to become the dominant market leader. No Fintech has achieved this status yet in the U.K., and I doubt any will. Much of the innovation in the U.K. banking sector comes from the regulator anyway.

To answer OPs question, none of the above. I would choose Joshua Reich, founder and former CEO of Simple Finance Technology Corp. They seemed to kickstart the fintech revolution that many of their now competitors drew inspiration from, including Monzo. I believe they have one of the more superior product offerings and I would love to learn why he chose to start to Simple, and what inspired their very simple approach to banking and how the idea of their Safe-to-Spend feature came to fruition and why they decided to take that hands off automated approach to help people budget.

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Nah none, more a fan of just going my own way and learning stuff as I go along


He knows, he just wanted to have a jibe at Monzo/Tom. That’s why he listed CEO and then CEO and Founder for all the others.



Shh. You weren’t supposed to notice.


Oh sorry, was it supposed to be subtle?

None. I don’t aspire to be a CEO, there are more important things in life surely? What a strange question.

Actually, of that list, Anne Boden. The only woman on the list who’ll have a very different view from the others (who just all scream alpha-male MBA, double open shirt, etc, etc)

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