Which new Phone

I am in need of a new mobile phone and was wondering if there are any phone that have problems with the Monzo app?
Only ask as was looking at Huawei P30 Lite but there is an old topic saying someone had issue with an Huawei phone and wanted to make sure would be ok to use with app

Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all

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I would avoid the make because the new ones are without google services.

One Plus 7 phones are pretty good android phones. I’m guessing you’re not interested in Apple?

You might have issues with Huawei as Google services are no longer supported, thank trump :+1:

Anyway any phone released in the last few years should work just fine.

iPhone 11. Samsung Galaxy S10e. Pixel 3a.

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Cheers Aaron B1

Whilst I would like an Apple Iphone, I am in the Google Ecosystem for the forseeable future


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Thanks Cameron

Thanks Malaise Forever

Quite like the Galaxy S10e or Pixel 3a will see which has the better deal in the new year

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I’d recommend the Pixel 3A :grinning:

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I always think you cannot go wrong with a classic. §


§ May have issues with WAP and loading the Monzo app!


I am edging towards Pixel 3a tbh

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Indeed have a “Brick” aswell for emergencies

AndroidPolice staff (the best Android blog by a mile, IMO) voted it their Phone of The Year.

Very high praise, as that site are known for being brutally honest and they don’t hold back if there are things they don’t like.

Depends on what you want from a phone, there are so many out there at the moment.

I watch this guy for the latest reviews and he just posted his top phones of the year. Mine the galaxy note 10 gets a few good mentions.

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I love MKBHD. One of my favourite tech channels for sure along with Mr Mobile.

Just to clarify, the Monzo app does run well for the most part without Google Services. You will not receive notifications or be able to see any maps in app though.

Less Trump and more Huawei


Simonb Think we may have our winner :smile:

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Just want a decent sub £400 phone.

Just watched the video you attached and Pixel 3a gets a few mentions and like that its quite stock Android


Thanks for the additional info