Which? Best Savings Providers 2020


currently i use tandem bank for savings they recently start paying 0.75% up from 0.50% a few days ago and it’s instant access

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Tandem is instant access like Atom too? like Monzo notification before the Tandem withdrawal process reaches the confirmation screen to say it’s done instant, or more like Marcus? May have to check them out.

I’ve been using Marcus for quite a while and been satisfied with them on the whole, but recently moved over to Atom when the Marcus rates dropped and my bonus ended. Instant withdrawals are so nice.

it’s instant as in monzo instant alerts when you move money to your bank account


For me with savings accounts, customer service, platform etc isn’t an issue. There’s no transactions other than bank transfers in and out, the scope of what can go wrong is pretty limited, different ball game to current accounts.

I just choose on the best interest for the amount of flexibility I need for a particular chunk of savings.