Where do I find previous months' Budget over/under spend?

During the month I can see how much I’m currently over/under the Budget I’ve set in Summary.

Once a new month is started, I can’t work out how to find how much over/under I was in the previous month.

It seems like the only way to find out how I did for an entire month’s Budget is to look at the figures at the end of the final day of the month, and write it down somewhere for future reference? If I forget and look at the Budget one second into the next month I’m out of luck? Which can’t be right! So what am I missing?

Tap the pie, then “this period” and it will reveal prior budgets.

Thanks, but I don’t see it in there. Maybe I’m missing something?

If I tap “this period” I can see the months. I tap July and it shows me lots of figures about the month, but I can’t see how much over/under the Budget I set I was? Or even what my Budget was?

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