Where can I contact livechat?

Being told im getting sent a new card, however I am moving back to uni shortly so won’t be at home to receive it. How can I stop this?


Ring Monzo on the number on the back of your current card.

I’d rather contact them via text not call

Type ‘contact us’ in the help search field and follow any results for chat.

Good luck though as their are a number of threads on here none too complimentary about CS.

Searching “contact” will get you to talk to a person.

Cards usually come next day though, so you won’t be waiting ages for it.

It’s telling me it arrives on the 21st :confused:

I’ll see if I can get to them.

They tend to be very pessimistic with those estimates.

When do you go back to uni? If they’ve given you a date that means it’s already gone so they can’t change anyway.

Could someone forward it on to you?

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