When will Monzo support Apple Pay?

(Tom) #338

I’m guessing they want to tell us it’s coming but can’t.

Maybe we can use code? If someone from Monzo could say…

‘No comment’ means ‘it’s coming soon and we can’t say anything because of Apple’
‘You’ll be the first to know’ means ‘it’s not on our roadmap yet.’


This might seem a bit naive but has anyone thought to ask Apple? (No idea how though!)

(Valeri) #341

They could have done something like this as a workaround for NDAs:

Maybe they can do it in the future :smile:

(Gareth) #342

I mean Steve Jobs has replied to some e-mails in the past:

To a Mac owner whose computer got wet and was having no luck with Apple Care replacing his laptop:
“This is what happens when your MacBook Pro sustains water damage. They are pro machines and they don’t like water. It sounds like you’re just looking for someone to get mad at other than yourself.”

Response to an iPhone 4 owner who was a victim of “Antennagate”
“Just avoid holding it that way.”

To an eager college journalist who was dumbfounded that Apple’s media relations team hadn’t replied to her
"Please leave us alone."

Tim Cook is similarly replying to some e-mails.


(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #344

Maybe there’ll be no need for Monzo to support Apple Pay?

(daniel) #345

ok. just completed my move to Monzo, all direct debits moved etc. went to add the account details to my apple wallet and boom ‘not available for this provider’. had i been aware of this i wouldn’t have completed my switch and Monzo would have continued to be my novelty ‘techie’ account. Just when i thought Monzo had it all…this rather big hole reveals itself.

come on, get with the program. when is this coming. at least if you just tell us ‘it’s not coming’ or ‘no time soon’ or ‘not this year’, i can get on with moving back! no update by easter then i’m gone

(Marcel Ruhf) #346

Firstly, welcome to the community!
From what I have gathered, Monzo can’t speak about it due to clntractual reasons. Tom Bloomfield (the CEO) posted something along the line of “it’s almost like we are legally compelled not to speak about certain subjects”, I can’t remember the exact wording. So since they can’t say anything about it, all we can do at this stage is sit back and wait.

However, the likely fact of an NDA being in place would mean that it’s in progress.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #347

It’ll be here before Christmas. How far before, and which Christmas, no one knows.

(Marcel Ruhf) #348

@simonb dropped a hint, telling someone who wanted to leave Monzo due to the lack of Apple Pay support that they might want reconsider Monzo’s services in a few months. It’s a long thread, so I won’t bother looking it up. Obviously, he can’t say exactly when it will be released.

(Leonard) #350

Hey Daniel - as @MRMR said Simon from Monzo gave an update hinting that it could be here in a few months.

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(Simon) #351

Personally I believe Apple is testing Monzo’s internal technology thoroughly before allowing them to announce Apple Pay. Running Apple Pay on an approved payment provider like wirecard would be relatively easy since Apple has already certified the tech. Monzo need to get everything approved first and I can imagine Apple doesn’t want any announcements until they’re satisfied that the software is up to scratch.

Saying that I’m also very impatient so hurry up Monzo :yum:

(Matteo) #352

Since people don’t necessarily know make the connection between NFC payments and Apple Pay / Google Pay, it would make sense to separate those in independent cards, to give more visibility to what people are actually searching for.

Or at least, add a description to the card to explain that it includes both Apple Pay and Google Pay


If we’re working on the hypothesis that Monzo is under an NDA for Apple Pay, then they probably aren’t able to put that level of detail on their public roadmap. If this is the case, I suspect the “Mobile NFC Payments” is as much of a hint as they can give us. :frowning:

(Jarrod Price) #354

People like Apple Pay & Android Pay because it’s easier to just wip out your phone or watch and tap the machine than dig around for you wallet/purse/handbag etc… and look between dozens of cards for the right one. What I really like it for is that I can use it for amounts over £30 where the card has to be inserted and then a pin given. I’m sure the 100s of millions of people using the Apple and Android systems will agree.


and Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay etc…

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #356

I partly agree. I keep my payment card in a separate wallet, so it’s just as easy to pay with that as a phone (easier actually, for transactions £30 or less as there’s no need for a fingerprint check).

(Alex Sherwood) #357

I think you’ve just proved the point - that would be the obvious thing to do if it did cover the other types of NFC payments. But we know that Monzo can’t say it’s Apple Pay only so instead they’ve had to use the ambiguous ‘NFC payments’.

(Bruce) #358

Are we there yet


So how is it that 90% of the time when my wife’s phone rings it goes to voicemail before she finds it in her handbag?