When to receive my money

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Hi guys im new to Monzo so excuse my basic questions.
My financial advocate can transfer me my money once every week, or once a month.
which way works best with Monzo ? Somebody told me its best to have it in once per month

~I currently receive my whole months allowance in one go


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Monthly works best for the spending feature


As @Rat_au_van said Monthly works best for the app and it’s summary feature but ultimately you need to decide what’s best for you and how budget.


This. Don’t adopt to your bank. Life’s too short. Let your bank adopt to you. That’s their job. And if they can’t do that, then go for another bank.

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Fair enough :slight_smile:

BTW i hope you mean " Adapt " as " Adopt " is something completely different lol


Oopsie. Autocorrect fail (followed by reading fail…)

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