When is Monzo's next financial report?

Previously they have been published in Feb, just curious what the date is?

19 July ish ???


Not quite right - as far as I remember it at least.

The Monzo financial year runs to (I think) February, but it takes a few months to compile and report, which is typically, as @iansilversides says, in July.


Just noticed the 2019 financial accountants were out in late June 2019.

Would expect the 2020 accounts to be out soon, even with the additional fundraising it’s around a month behind last year?

I believe they technically have a few more months until they have to release

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financial year end for Monzo is I believe Feb - so 9 months from then ? hmmmm by November, should look pretty good this filing , not so good next year …


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The report has been published and has its own discussion thread.