When are we a bank?

(lee) #1

How far off being a bank are we?


Mondo has made a road map that anyone can have a look at here. :slight_smile:

(lee) #3

Is it upto date though - did someone put in 6 months 2 months ago etc? Or are the times still relevant now?


last updated on 16/06.

Sorry there should have bee a screenshot below that abrupt ending, it appears that uploading in safari on iOS 10b2 is borked… :cry:

(Bailey Kursar) #5

Very broadly speaking, we’re on track to become a bank in the first few months of 2017. We’re on track with our application to the FCA and PRA and hope to have news and an update sometime over the next couple of months :raised_hands:


@tristan has update the road map yesterday. Glad to see that you would be having the AWR in 3 months :clap: