When are Monzo going to acknowledge that chat had major issues?

Asked question about my cheque on Friday, at some point I’m “now chatting to Chris” but it seems Chris doesn’t want to chat with me :frowning:

I imagine that Chris probably hasn’t finished searching each and every Royal Mail sorting office between you and the Monzo PO box, which is why the investigation is taking a while :roll_eyes:

For clarity, this was tongue in cheek

Would you have felt better had you not been told that Chris had joined, and ultimately you were just left in the “waiting to be assigned” phase?

I’d prefer, hey Charlie I’m Chris I’m the specialist that is looking into this for you however it can take x-y amount of days for me to complete the necessary checks


Did you just open the chat to see what’s going on or did you get a notification that there was a new message?

Yeah I would be perfectly fine with a message like this.

I have received “:eyes:” before as the initial message, which I sort of liked, I assume meaning “I’m looking at this now for you”, but after an hour it was deleted and the COp left the chat without comment.

I don’t want to talk to you either

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