What's your smartwatch? ⌚

Something about that article & the images seems somehow… fake. But if it is true, I’m all for going Pixel Watch. My Ticwatch E is still going strong but ready for an upgrade.

One of the Garmin options is probably the best bet. The offer pretty much everything you are looking for over a good range. Vitality also give you a discount on Garmin products my wife uses a vivo fit it cost under 200 which is a good price and I use I finex tactix just purchased that was expensive though but I wanted the extra features it offered.

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You might have to make one or to sacrifices but the Garmin range is very solid and reliable. I get over a week even with regular GPS usage and my wife is getting a good weeks battery too.

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I’ve finally charged my MiBand 4 after 20 or so days. I was on 12% so had a couple of days left, but went for it.

For a plain fitness, step tracker with some basic smart watch features, priced at £35 it cannot be beat.

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Non of those, Currently using smartwatch called tactical smartwatch V4 .