What's your 2020 Financial Prediction 🔮

I saw this post on Monzo’s twitter yesterday. Wondered what all of your Finance Predictions are, care of your phone:


Mine: “My money goal is a bit too high and it is not just the amount I want for a new TV”.

Sounds about right…

" My money goal was a lot easier than I did last night and then it would take a long to do something different but it would have to do with that"

Clear as mud

My money goal is a long one.

My money goal is a bit of a let down by the harbour :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Replace money on having to buy a car unexpected. Old one got wrote off and did not want to wait for the payment.

In my, admittedly limited, experience, this a relationship goal, rather than a money goal :joy:


Well I think we all know what kind of transactions happen down by the harbour: I was set to go back and do it for a little while. according to my predictive text