What's the time Mr Wolf? Breakfast time!

Ok, I may have got one of the words in the title wrong, but I found this screenshot on the Google Play Store listing for the Monzo app:

I noticed that the transaction was at 2:31 PM, but the note says it’s breakfast.
So it got me thinking, what time do monzoers (Is that the correct term?) usually have breakfast?

  • I’m an early bird (before 6am)
  • Morning (6am to 11am)
  • Lunchtime (12pm to 1pm)
  • Afternoon (2pm onwards)

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Maybe Jenny works nights so it’s breakfast for her?

Good point - she could be one of the nighttime COps!

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Its also a Sunday. It could have been a long night out clubbing Saturday night and they knew they will only get up about midday.

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