What's the last bit of tech you bought?

I have a Garmin watch with music. Amazing sport watch, battery lasts ages and can sync Spotify playlists to the watch etc. Curve for Garmin pay as well can’t fault it

Should have mentioned, am on android, though as you say, maybe that is my answer

I’ve got the Fitbit Charge 4 and think it’s a very good device :+1: 7 day battery, GPS, O2 and temperature tracking, etc.
Does everything I need it to.

I have a Mi band. Mainly just bothered about step tracking but also useful for notifications, heart rate and sleep tracking.

Battery lasts a few weeks and for under £30 I think it’s great.

I just switched from a garmin vivoactive 3 to a Coros apex and I’m super impressed. Great value for the features it has, feels great, looks good and everything has been really accurate so far.

Battery life is phenomenal as well! Couldn’t get any more than 4 hours of gps tracking with my garmin. This one should go for 24 hours which will be useful on my longer training runs/hikes.

Coros pace 2 is a cheaper option if you don’t need barometer and navigation features.

New timepiece

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Just your colour lol

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An M.2 NVME SSD as my HDD was making a buzzing sound. Silence is good :sweat_smile: