What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Nice. One of them is on my plans, probably around Easter. Get on the RTX bandwagon and get their cool AI stuff.

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Apple Watch, I am happy. :slight_smile:


Just purchased the EzViz C3X Wi-Fi security camera dual lens with colour night vision.

I just bought a Chromecast with Google TV and it’s great. The setup is super easy, the UI is good and it works really well. I’m considering nest audio speakers next.

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Thank you to Ayub from DPD for struggling through some intermittent drizzle to deliver this baby yesterday.

Goodbye stuttering FireStick, hello fuss free streaming.

Goodbye old Apple TV which refused point blank to play my music, hello to tripping the light fantastic in my undercracks.

Goodbye tap tap tap on the remote, hello iPhone keyboard and Safari password manager.

Goodbye wired headphones whose volume has to be adjusted deep within the TV settings, hello AirPods with volume control on the remote.


That’s an amazing deal.

I just got one of these too!

So impressed with the thing.

I can turn my telly on from my phone! What is this tech.
Divert audio to my airpods, yes please.
Audio across all of my speakers in the flat.

So long chromecast!

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I had an apple TV but ended up selling it, not being in the apple ecosystem it just got annoying and the remote is appalling worst remote I have ever used and money talked in the end. Sold it for more then I paid and back to the fire TV cube.

However for DAZN and non UK apps it was amazing as they all offered split screen - watching 4 games at once was amazing!

I really want one but can’t get myself to spend launch day price on three(? four?) years old tech. If the price had dropped, I’d be all over one. Or if Apple finally released the long-rumoured updated version!

Understood. In my case, the money was there, the device was there, and it such an upgrade from my old Apple TV, that those concerns have been more than allayed.

I read somewhere the updated version will be around March, but yh it’s definitely on the don’t buy the list if you need it at the moment

That and an iPad Pro when the new one comes out are on my list :crossed_fingers:

do you have homepods everywhere?

yh agreed, better off getting the new air rather than the Pro at the moment unless you need LiDAR

I don’t. But the new one has a new screen (hopefully), and I’m going to be trading my Air (and old iPhone) in to get it. So makes most sense :grin:

No, but I do have a few Sonos’ dotted around the house. I’ve got a stereo pair set up for surround, but then I discovered I could play the TV audio to every speaker with Airplay.

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Don’t forget Siri.

“Play BBC1 live.”

“What did he just say?”

3 corsair rgb fans…

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That reminds me of our kitchen last month. “Hey Google, turn on Christmas”:


Can you change the command any? If so, I suggest next year you make it “Hey Google, step into Christmas” :grin: