What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Ohhh nice style did you go for?

I really love mine. I was going to get the Omega too because I’m not a big guy either. However I went for the Titan purely because it has a built in lumbar support and a flat base for when I want to sit on one leg or have them crossed.

You’re gonna love it. Even how it arrives packaged is amazing - I’m excited for you :smiley:

I was going to go for one of the esport styles or maybe the House Targaryen themed chair but my office is in my living room so I wanted to it to be somewhat subtle instead of sticking out on the corner of my eye.

So I opted for the base “stealth” style. I really dig the gold trim around the Omega logo. Can’t wait :grin:

Looks like a very expensive way to play catch with yourself TBH.

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Nice choice, you’ll have to let us know when it arrives!

I think I had an ETA of 6 weeks but it came after two which was a nice surprise :blush:

On their website, they say shipping around the end of July so not too long away.

Gives me sometime to figure out what to do with my old office chair from my work :laughing:

I do wonder if they add those shipping dates and “phases” to build up hype and make you order sooner. Hopefully you won’t be waiting that long :crossed_fingers:

My old chair is still on the drive as the tip is appointment only for things you urgently need to get rid of. Just got to decide on a nice desk now (which we discussed earlier in the topic) but I’m struggling.

I recently just bought a new gaming desk (I think the only thing that makes it a “gaming” desk is a place to put your headphones and beer :joy:) from Amazon perfect size for a couple monitors and a desktop underneath.

Perhaps not the best for a typical office though as now I got not space for my printer :rofl: - so it just sits precariously on some coffee table


I’m finding that it is a “gaming desk” that I need purely because I have 3 monitors but I want a more natural rustic looking one of a certain size. It’s looking like I need to go custom :grimacing:

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I have 3 monitors, a large laptop, two musical keyboards, and two studio speakers. The solution for years has been an Ikea 200cm length table. But I’m finding that I need more width on the table ideally, so I’ve been exploring various desks as well, some of them gaming desks.

I’m moving in a couple months, and I suspect this table won’t move with me. I’m thinking I might need an L shaped desk.

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I want an L shaped one too and some storage underneath. Kitchen units was one suggestion I was given for cheap and custom, so perhaps that will help you too?

If you find something be sure to share please :blush:

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This right here is the dream. Now if only London houses came with 180cm of space to put it in.

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I couldnt do a standing desk, especially when I’ve just spent a fortune on a new chair.

I think I’m going to go down the route of getting some steel legs like in the below. Then get a big slab of reclaimed wood or old scaffolding boards to sit ontop.

I even saw some old science table tops from torn down schools that come with all the gouges, burns and graffiti. Basically loads of character :grin:

I did see IKEA have a corner desk system that might be long enough, “BEKANT” - I was looking at one for my space as I’m a bit tight on overall width.

That said I would love three monitors… I upgraded my graphics card just before lockdown started so I could legit do that now, I’d definitely need a bigger desk though.

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And just wondered actually if anyone can make any recommendations on decent wireless mice, mainly for work (i.e. not so much gaming).

Currently have a £20 jobby from Amazon but after something that is good at ‘infinite scroll’ or similar. Currently toying between an Logitech Master 3, or a Razer Hyperspeed.

Getting sick of my slow mouse :confused:

No recommendations but I did see that Razor now do a wireless mouse that charges itself wirelessly on the mousemat - which is cool.

Make sure you’re sat down when you look at the price though :laughing:

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Yeah I did see that one on the listing page. £250 for a mouse / pad combo. Big Ooof. I’ll never get my £2k speaker if I buy that bad boy.

Also I don’t understand why there’s so much RGB in computer equipment. I just want some decently specced kit, not for my room to look like a fun fair!


I’m using the Logitech G305*, and I really like it. Comfortable, and decent for gaming without looking like a sweet shop in terms of RGB. The battery life is also monstrous, but non-rechargeable (1x AA).

Take this for what it’s worth, but I’ve had two Razer mice die for no apparent reason after a relatively short timespan - the sensor just stopped working on both, it’s not like a button wore out. One after about 3 years, one after 2ish years. Not great for a mouse.

*Wireless, but requires a USB dongle - no Bluetooth. This was a feature not a bug for me, as I need to use it with a KVM switch.

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Cheers, will add that to my list!

Seems to fit most other requirements - side buttons etc.

How do you find the scroll wheel on it? I think that’s my biggest annoyance on my current mouse.

It’s notched, rather than smooth, which personally I like. It strikes the perfect balance between easy to click, but hard to accidentally click. The only drawback with the scroll wheel is that it’s fairly close to the DPI switcher button, so there have been a couple of occasions where I’ve dropped my DPI accidentally.

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Someone I know recently purchased the razer naga and are liking it.

I never thought I’d need 16 programmable buttons on a mouse but it is being sold to me and I can see how useful it would be!