What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Yes, it’s OR at the moment. We have CityFibre available, too, so can get 1Gbps/1Gbps.

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Non-negotiable for me now access to fast internet. Not going back to the dark days of 30mbps and having to have a Logitech harmony activity to run at midnight to turn the Xbox on manually turn it off offline mode and then at 7pm reverse it in the hope it downloaded what it needed to.

Paying £30 for 500 at the moment through OR but also have Virgin connection to haggle between them.

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Does the Xbox not update automatically in rest mode?

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Just managed to get 900 Vodafone for £27 a month

Slowly heading my way

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They are looking likely after my contract runs out but I don’t think Openreach Vodafone price is that but they are the cheapest

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It does but on 30mbps with everyone using it for WFH, video etc it saturated it too much so I had to download out of hours

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I have vodafone ovr cityfiber

I have Vodafone 500 on OR was £30 a month but since I had at the time a SIM with them it was £3 off plus inflation now, it looks like the regular price is £33 now.

Vodafone also give a free static IP on consumer broadband if you ask.

You can often get cashback if you’re a new customer too.

Openreach do offer 220 upload but it’s very expensive and then the ISPs that would facilitate aren’t the cheapest themselves.

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I bought some e-waste…

I do have a CPU for it and I hope it’ll run a Minecraft server better than my NAS does currently

I do hope it at least has a CPU cooler, Edit: it comes with the cooler


I keep looking at the mini form factor versions of those for running my 3D printing set up from.

Like these; CeX


Feel like I could have the makings of a home lab or hobby pc for “stuff and things”, perhaps a plex server but never made the plunge.


For £30 it’s worth it! I may transfer my Plex over as it’ll have hardware transcode vs software transcode on the MAS

I’ve seen those way cheaper on eBay. I wasn’t willing to pay this, but I’ve seen a i5 9500 and 16gb ram, for about £100

Let’s talk BBQs!

What’s everyone’s go to? I’m looking for a new one - and happy to spend some money on a good one. Ideally wanted charcoal, but warming (lol) to the idea of a Gas one, if I can get a griddle for it too so that I can use it more regularly, for cooking other meals etc, vs doing them in the kitchen if it’s nice!

Thoughts/Recommendations welcome :eyes:

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I love charcoal but went with gas because it’s just so much quicker and less hassle to get going.
I just had a bbq last night as well.

Gas isn’t a BBQ, that’s an oven outside.

Charcoal is much more hassle and as a result, we don’t use it as often, but it tastes much better.


I keep seeing variations of this around me, a charcoal “low smoke” grill;

The balcony dweller in me years for a bbq. Not sure if this is all low smoke and mirrors or would actually be ok for the balcony.

Yep, gas isn’t a proper BBQ. We have a charcoal one, but this year I have decided to get an outdoor pizza oven instead (wood fired). Much easier to clean than a proper BBQ!


If there was awards for the best post of the year then give it to revels.

I hate gas BBQs, got to be charcoal or there is just no point.

I have a mate however that puts all his food in the oven in the house to cook first then puts it on a charcoal BBQ for 5 mins before serving. I’m not a fan of his BBQ skills.

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I’m normally a die hard Charcoal fan. But with buying a new one, wanted to explore all options!

Guess I’ll stay in my lane!

Hit me with your best charcoal bbqs :eyes: