What's the last bit of tech you bought?

We bought a new one in the summer and I could not believe how much this feature is now used. Washing on at bedtime, set to finish first thing and then it goes on the line. Elite.


It’s basically essential for anyone on Octopus Agile.

Found out recently that my Zanussi will do a final spin hold too, so it will leave the water from the final rinse in the drum and rotate every 30 seconds. Once you’re ready, you press start and it finishes the washing.

Means I can set the cycle to start at like 1am and have clothes that haven’t been sat in the drum damp for hours in the morning.


Samsung Series 6 AddWash™ WW90T684DLH/S1, 9kg, 1400rpm, Washing Machine, A Rated in White

With washing machines I’ve always thought the Samsung add whilst it’s on is cool as I ALWAYS forget something.

:eyes: this is the one I ordered. But in graphite.

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Update on the ButterFly: I like it and sold my MagSafe Duo.

Went travelling with it, fits in a travel bag a lot easier and the interchangeable plugs are great. Charges my Watch Ultra in an hour or so instead of having to charge overnight/every day on the Duo. And as it’s a detachable USB-C I have the adapter/cable for other type-C devices if needed.

The faux leather could be better but it is what it is. No regrets now.


People into photography: I want a camera. I used to love my OM-D E-M10, but sold it as I wasn’t carrying it around much. But last week looking back at holiday snaps from a decade ago I realised that the 10+ year old little thing took much better photos than the 15 Pro Max. And so I want a camera.

I want it to be small and easy to carry, but also needs to have weather sealing and ideally should work for wildlife photography (eventually once I buy appropriate glass for it).

Olympus MFT cameras seem to be the best bet. But can’t decide between OM-D E-M5 (Mk2? Mk3?) or E-M1 (Mk2 is the only affordable option)

I suspect E-M1 is better for handling bigger lenses with it but the E-M5 might be a better all-rounder. Though reports of build quality are off putting. What cameras are people using?

I managed to get a sweet deal on a 2nd hand Hasselblad X1D 50C for around 1.5K I love this camera and wouldn’t change it for the world. Then use CaptureOne for my editing. But thus setup brand new wouldn’t be something I would buy lol


Woah a medium format shooter :open_mouth: Wouldn’t suit me now but I have done some medium format film shooting.


So have I. But with a Lubitel. If you know, you know.

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Hive mind help required :brain:

Looking to upgrade my monitor to this LG curved monitor

Will be using it for both work and gaming - just wondering how many of you use a curved monitor at the moment? Never used one myself but this seems to be a pretty good deal.

49" inches here, bigger is better, Alan. I love mine.


This is true about everything in life.


Another one for “bigger is better”

I run my games in windowed mode on my curved monitor though. Most of the stats like kills, health, radar etc are in the corners and you need to move your head to see them rather than being in your peripheral like on more traditional sized monitors.

100% recommend one regardless. Especially for work it’s amazing.


I use a similar sized monitor - this one which is a little bit more but much better for gaming (faster refresh, lower response times).

I really like it, fits on my small desk better than two monitors would but great for working on apps which are side by side and also really immersive for gaming.

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No. iPhones are too big for my Donald Trump hands. They could do with a bit of a shrink on the smaller end.

Gaming monitors definitely have their Goldilocks zone. 24 inches (34 for curved) seem to be what pro gamers and and twitch streamers settle on.


I’m still using the same monitor from years ago - a Dell 34" ultrawide curved, shown in this old post:

Everything in that shot except the monitor and headphones is now long gone - including the wall, windows & furniture :eyes: time flies :mantelpiece_clock:


I agree. It does depend on what you are playing a bit, but a 34 inch curved monitor definitely feels like a sweet spot for me. Immersive, everything is in view and nothing is too stretched (opinions may differ on the last bit but it’s good for me in all games so far!). I prefer it over my old 27” 4k set up (although some games did look beautiful on that).


You could have quoted the Consumer Rights Act to them which gives you statutory rights for up to 5/6 years regardless of what their warranty says


Do you think I didn’t try that? :laughing:


Well, I may have (definitly just did) pay to upgrade early from my iPhone 14 pro to a 15 pro max

Last year in Turkey there were a few times (well quite a few actually) where I really missed not having the 5x optical zoom and didn’t want that to happen again.

My phone is my camera and it’s the only reason I have the one I have (and will have) so hopefully the difference will be noticeable.

@ravipatel’s excellent safari pictures made me do it :smiley: