What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Ah, well will see how it goes. I currently have this:

I guess it’s still an upgrade, what part wasn’t reliable? The HomeKit integration or the display?

Another +1 for Tado here. The app and integration with other services is great. Being able to expand it with radiator valves and additional room thermostats is a big plus too.


I probably should have gone Tado, heard good things. However I have a grand total of 4 radiators (including bathroom) so it’s likely not worth it for me. Honeywell does those individual radiator things too if I really wanted them

Everyone’s setup is different

This “upgrade” cost me £30 off eBay. I didn’t buy a new unit


It was the HomeKit integration that was flakey but may have updated the firmware since

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I fitted a Hive thermostat/hot water control around 6 years ago. Great fun with the wiring as I had an old heating/hot water timer with a non-standard backplate and a mechanical thermostat in the hall. Fortunately, the electrician had labelled all the wires so I was able to get it working without too much trouble.

They issued a software update a few years ago to add HomeKit and it actually works very well.

My first thread accessory

It’s incredibly responsive

My phone did have to be on the 2.4ghz while I tried to set it up, my phone was on the 5ghz network and it failed to setup

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Finally took the plunge and ordered a standing desk (frame).

Now need to find a desktop to go with it.



I’m using one of these as my desk.

Super strong and zero flex even though it has an unsupported 1.1m span in the centre. Looks and feels just like walnut (because it is, just not all the way through) but doesn’t cost real wood money.

Been looking at upgrading to a standing desk though, so may have to grab one of those frames to stick under it! EDIT: Nevermind, just bought one! :laughing:


+1 for Karlby


Love it! :laughing:

I haven’t really done my research but it looked a cracking deal to me.

It does look nice but I really hadn’t factored in paying more for the desktop than the frame! :money_mouth_face:


Loads of people in the comments singing its praises, and apparently sold out/offer expired now so I just snuck in there!

Dual motor is a bonus vs a single motor design. For £140 it was worth a punt!

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PS5. Now I never need to leave the flat. :grin: