What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Tom Halloran) #541

Gotcha. Well if it works, it works!


(Simon) #542

I bought a cheap compact camera Canon Ixus 185, got it for £50 from amazon warehouse, came from Germany so had an EU plug so i purchased a UK one from ebay for a couple of pounds. It’s for my holiday to vietnam in Feb/ March, as last time I went I only had my iPhone and when the battery ran out, I was not able to take any more pictures.


(Leefa Chan) #543

I`ve bought the electro-guitar, can it be count? :slight_smile:



My OnePlus 5T, just over a year ago (January 2018). I still love it and haven’t felt the need to upgrade, no plans to.


(Ravi) #545

My new lease, which has Android Auto and Car Play.

Finally have proper Google Maps, Waze, Spotify and Pocketcasts in my car without having to faff with my phone at all. And the voice control actually works!


(Splodf) #546

I’ve got the 5t and the 6t.

My advice would be to hold on till next gen. I still use the 5t everyday and the 6Tjust sits in a drawer, it’s a terrible phone.


(dan costin) #547

Not bought yet but looking to get thrse earphones, they connect to alexa and google assistant


(charles edwards) #548

Sounds great!
Haven’t seen it before



I’m trying to justify an Apple TV 4K if anyone can put me off/convince me :sweat_smile:

Currently using chromecast and “smart” tv apps

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(Gavin) #550

If you already have a lot of media in iTunes, it’s great. A lot of the movies I’d bought in HD have been upgraded to 4K for free, which is a nice touch. The Prime and Netflix apps work well, but Youtube, due to Apple’s refusal to support VP8/9 maxes out at 1080p. Otherwise it’s a great bit of kit.

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(Marc Dando) #551

I recently bought a pair of those :slight_smile:



I bought a Dyson V10 cordless stick vacuum a couple of weeks ago. Brilliant bit of kit. Expensive, yes, but it works for me exactly how it should. What I don’t get though, are the people who buy expensive tech like this and then moan about the cost when publishing a review. Seriously, moaning about spending £500 on a stick vacuum and then complaining that the battery runs out on full power after just six minutes use when the cleaner will run perfectly well on the middle power setting for over 20 minutes and even longer on the lowest power setting. Some people just have unrealistic expectations, especially if they think they’re going to achieve a full house vacuum in a 4 to 6 bedroom mansion and not the average Joe three bed semi-detached. Perhaps I’m just one of those rare people that actually does plenty of research BEFORE I spend my hard earned cash?..

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(Tom Shorey) #553

We got the V8 just before the V10 came out. Love it!

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(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #554

I’ve had a Dyson for many years. It used to run for 20 minutes or so on full power (down to about 10 now, so the staff have to recharge it before finishing the west wing, and I’m not paying them while they wait!).

So I think, although I’d read the spec before purchase, I’d be a little disappointed to find a £500 vacuum discharging in 6 minutes.



Yes, but as I pointed out, it only discharges in six minutes on full power. The suction on full power equals that of my old corded Miele vacuum. I never would have expected a battery to last longer than six to ten minutes on full power on a stick vacuum, irrespective of cost, but then my expectations will differ to others. It’s still a great bit of kit and I did manage to vacuum my entire rabbit hutch of a house with it just yesterday in 20 minutes.


(Richard) #556

Oh well if we are including household appliances…

The best hoover I have ever had, including Dyson’s. Absolute belter!!


(Ravi) #557

Unless you’re really set on an ATV I would hold out a bit as it feels like they will announce support for third party streaming boxes soon on the back of the smart TV expansion.



Sorry to be pedantic, but you can’t call any other vacuum a ‘Hoover’ as Hoover is a brand all by itself, which just goes to show that Hoover quite literally made the biggest impact in the vacuum world by a long shot because everyone calls their vacuum a ‘Hoover’ :joy:

Anyway, household appliance or not, Dyson is a tech company, and their vacuums are serious tech! I make it sound like I’m a pro on their products when the reality is, I’ve only just entered the Dyson scene…:rofl:

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(Simon) #559

Can you buy multiple batteries or is it a plug in and charge?


(Caspar) #560

I couldn’t live without my Apple TV, all my viewing happens through it. It’s just a better user experience than any other platform.

I moved recently and have a bedroom TV for the first time (Landlord had a tv in the lounge, so I put my big TV in there and the small one in bedroom) - I couldn’t quite justify a new ATV so got an Amazon Firestick, but after a few weeks, I miss the smoothness of an ATV so I might end up getting a non-4K one. (Plus then I can talk myself into getting another HomePod for the bedroom…)