What's the last bit of tech you bought?


Thanks so much for this :pray::pray::pray:

Don’t particularly need a super fast charger so the anker may do the trick

Much appreciated


I had both charging plates and charging stands - I find the latter much more useful as it’s way easier to ensure the phone is aligned with the coils and the screen is more visible when a notification comes in.

I use these - they have the advantage of turning off the indicator LED after a couple of minutes which is great in the bedroom.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #523

Sounds like my kind of charging stand :joy:


2 x iphone XR on contract for me and wife, next will be something like this and then the apple watch after it :joy:


100% go for a charging stand.

It’s so easy to place your phone on a pad at night time, and accidentally knock it, or not align it properly so it doesn’t charge overnight.

Stands for the win!

(Tom Halloran) #526

This is very cool

Brings me one step closer to buying a record player if I can plug in into the Sonos without spending £100s extra

(Ben ) #527

The solution I’ve been looking at, if you don’t have a Raspberry Pi is probably about £65 all in.

This is the guide I found to do it, if you’re interested.


  • Raspberry Pi 3 - £30
  • Micro SD - £5-£10
  • Berhinger u-phono UFO202 - £26
  • A monitor, keyboard, mouse etc to set up the RPi.

Effectively turns your RPi into a ‘streaming source’ which you can add manually in SONOS.

Although I haven’t tried to set it up yet so can’t say much about ease of doing so or how good it is.

But it’s certainly nicer than a £500 adaptor.


So just a quick one

I’ve gone full circle and decided to get a super fast charger, thought I’m already spending £30+ why not got for it

Would the Anker one you linked (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DBY64PB/ref=emc_b_5_i) go with the power delivery USB (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Charger-Anker-Delivery-PowerPort-Indicator/dp/B07GSNZJ8R/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1548282634&sr=1-5&keywords=iphone+quick+charger+usb+c)

Then I’ll order a USB C cable


(Kyle Risi) #529

Its January the 25th :laughing:

(Charlie Kelly) #530

Spent the biggest amount of money on a single piece of tech in my life… grabbed an EOS 6D Mark II to replace my dying Nikon! Loving it so far.

(Ben ) #531

If it’s a Wireless Charging Pad you’re going for, you want a plug that is compatible with the Qualcom Quick Charge standard.

Most of these (with the Green USB port) support that standard, I think, and would work with the 7.5W Anker thing.

From what I can tell they charge in about 3-4 hours with the Qi standard.

If you want to go down the Super Fast Charging with a Cable route - you need something compatible with the “Power Delivery” standard (which is the plug I linked with the USB C port), plus a USB-C to Lightning Cable. These charge at about 18W - and give you 50% battery in 30 minutes.

If that makes sense?


Word of warning - iPhones will charge at a MAX of 7.5W.

Even some of the chargers that say “Charges at 10W or more”, won’t be compatible with Apple’s “fast” charging of 7.5W (initially, it was just Mophie, Belkin and RavPower).

So 7.5W is the most you’ll get if you have a new iPhone :smiley:

Edit - This only applies to wireless charging…

(Tom Halloran) #533

Nice. I actually have a rasberry pi sat unused in its box so I could do this for ~£35 (even if you didn’t £65 is still way cheaper)

Did it take you long to get it all setup?


Fantastic, loud and clear :+1:


Just looked up the price of one of those as I’d like a new camera

Bet the photos look nice :open_mouth:

(Daniel White) #536

Haha the post was back in June 2018. Still haven’t really bought any new gadgets other than a second hand iPad Mini Cellular.

Yesterday I bought a Meross Powerstrip and a separate plug based on the recommendations of @Jon11a and @simonb ready to try out the Octopus Agile tariff to see if I can save some pennies! It’s a shame that the powerstrip doesn’t appear to do Energy Monitoring like some of the plugs. I also thought it was random that you can’t by a twin pack of the Energy Monitoring ones anymore. Oh well!

(Charlie Kelly) #537

They turn out alright. Photo here!

Barclays 0% Finance for 12 months btw!

(Ben ) #538

It’s on the plan to get it going this weekend - will let you know :slight_smile:

edit: @Tom-H - so I just set everything up - it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes from plugging the RPi into my TV and setting that up properly, installing everything in those instructions, and also fiddling around with my vinyl player - the belt had come off so I needed to sort that too. So a without the extra faffing you could certainly cut that down.

Trickiest bit was setting up the “streaming server” - but only because I accidentally closed a window too early.

Now currently running through my Sonos system - there’s maybe a 5 second delay between the Vinyl and the Sonos - but it’s playing in sync across all my Sonos speakers.

Definitely an easy job.

(Tom Halloran) #539

Quality, sounds eminently doable. Bet it sounds great to have proper vinyl coming through the sonos system!

Do you know which part is acting as the amp in your setup, i.e. do you have one of those sonos connect amps, or is the sound card thing amplifying it?

(Ben ) #540

As far as my understanding goes (which may not be great…) is the sound card has a pre-amp stage, and the RPi picks up that and converts to mp3.

So it may be better with a full amp prior to the sound card - but not entirely certain!