What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Though after reading the horror stories and reviews about Renewed by Amazon tech, I also wouldn’t spend on that! But agree, I’m very happy with my S6 watch still


I have a series 6 at the moment and when I bought it I thought I’d change it this year, but unless there’s any significant changes lined up (I don’t think there are?) then I’ll be sticking with it for at least another year.

Yeah it’s definitely a good idea to do a bit of research into the seller before buying Amazon Renewed.

I bought my MacBook as renewed and it was perfect, but I spent about 10/15 mins googling the seller first (turns out they were a huge recycling company with really good reviews on Amazon and TrustPilot).

Hey everyone, I’m buying a new robot vacuum cleaner/mop and I’m looking at the expensive Roborock S8 Ultra (with the docking station).
Does anyone have experience with Roborock? The reviews on YouTube are good, but can’t determine how genuine they are.

Damn! I wouldn’t be very happy if I managed to break my MX Keys mini. I’ve grown to really enjoy it now. I would rate it higher for overall tippy tappy experience than my mechanical keyboard…

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Yeah I’m not very happy, Amazon offered insurance when I bought it and I wish I went for it :triumph:

At least the Magic Keyboard exactly bad, not as good as the MX but it’ll do (plus it looks nice on my desk next to the Magic Trackpad :eyes:). I like that it’s aluminium too instead of silver plastic, so silver linings etc I guess

As I mentioned over on the Google related thread, I recently picked up the Pixel 7 :calling:

A week or so in and I’m pretty content with the update from the Pixel 5 with a lethargic battery to the Pixel 7 operating super well and the little touches like Magic Eraser and a slightly improved zoom.

In a vague connection to “tech” - I’ve also picked up this Kilner Butter Churner because I want to have a small workout before I eat butter that’ll clog my arteries :upside_down_face:


If you have to go go with a full belly

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Out of curiosity, will you only be making up single servings of butter? Or do you just eat that much butter (which I can understand, it is the best off all the fats)

I’d also be curious to find out how well this works as me Maa wants to make her own butter. So if its a good device I think I’ll get it for her as a present.

I don’t think butter goes bad, does it? Certainly not in a short space of time. I’ve been known to use a 250g block of store butter for up to a month keeping it in a butter dish on the counter.

Homemade butter won’t last as long as shop bought. About two weeks depending on how well you’ve made it.

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That’s still enough for 250g. Or maybe I just like butter too much


Perhaps it was just a poorly worded bit of jest. I’ve not been sleeping well lately. The way I read the original post made it sound like the butter churning phase would occur before each butter consumption phase…

I think its usually down the salt content. I usually buy the fancy butter from M&S with the big old chunky bits of sea salt in it. The litte salty crunch on your toast is :ok_hand:. That stuff sits on the side in a butter dish for a good 1-2 months and does not go off.


Salt content does have something to do with it, but not all. With homemade butter, how effectively you’ve separated the solids from the liquids (buttermilk) is also a key factor. Homemade, you’d be hard pressed to do it more effectively than a commercial process.

tl;dr, salted store bought lasts longer than unsalted store bought lasts longer than home made, as a general rule of thumb.

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This makes sense, and come to think of it I saw a video on YouTube somewhile back of someone visiting a creamery in France. They had a little bit about the history of butter making and why some last longer than others salted vs non-salted etc. They also said that speration fo the buttermilk and the solids was also a key part of the “preserving” of butter.


Got myself one of these, extremely good price for what it is, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like proper (remote) management and socket power cycling.

Will power an ISP router for 3 hours easily.

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Just ordered Roborock S8 Ultra. We’ll see if it’s as good as the reviewers claim.

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Arriving in about 3 weeks as it’s on back order. I’ve took the plunge and ordered a robot mower :robot:

It should save me so much time and effort, while also making our lawn much nicer too.

The WORX Landroid Vision came out ~1 month ago, doesn’t need perimeter wire and will avoid stuff left in the garden by the kids and the dog too :magic_wand:


That looks brilliant, please report back once it arrives! I really fancy buying one but my garden is downhill and starts with a patio at the top. So it’s little rechargeable house would have to be cabled in creatively :laughing:

Yeah absolutely. I’m sadly excited for it arriving :smiley:

You can have its dock on your patio and you can use tags to make it go across paths / patios to new areas if that helps? I haven’t read much into it because it’s not something I need but that’s how it works I think

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