What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Backpack, messenger or just a minimalist tote for the laptop? Need it to carry other EDC items?


I don’t have a ‘laptop bag’, I just have an ordinary rucksack I put my laptop in.

Isn’t there a thread about bags somewhere?


Ah, yes. Here it is:




Probably stretching the definition of tech, but am looking to buy a small table-top outdoor electric bbq grill. £300-£400 is probably the top end of what I’d like to spend. Ninja OG701UK appears to be pretty popular. Anyone have any alternative suggestions, including cheaper suggestions?

Finally gave into temptation and picked this up over the weekend. I think there’s only really the HomePod now that I can buy which isn’t already apple. And perhaps the screen. Everything else is.

I’m quite liking it so far. The swipe gestures are proving to be quite useful and, thankfully, not easy to do by accident.

A strange mouse in a way for someone who has clods for hands, I thought it would feel small but it’s exceptionally well designed.


Very nice printer! What are you planning to print?

They’re a bot! You won’t get a reply.

Really? They post more coherently than some regulars!


They’re getting clever aren’t they! Natural language processing is getting frighteningly good at imitating real human conversation in text.

Their posts seem to be constructed as if they are one to me. There’s a bit of uncanny valley aspect to it I can’t quite pin point, but the reply on the switch thread was the giveaway.

A well composed and articulate reply to the discussion, but it got the topic totally wrong.

The image of their printer here was just stolen from here, which is another clue:

Can never be 100% sure, but I do think they’re a bot looking back over their contributions.


Yes, you’re right with the uncanny valley. I looked at a comment of theirs earlier today and thought “huh, this seems off”. But then the quality of contributions has been up and down a lot recently.


I’d be surprised if they weren’t a bot

Very generic comments interspersed with posts like the one above. EG:


Just looking at the responses it’s quite a sophisticated bot. I suspect there was an actual human responding until early September (if there wasn’t the bot got considerably worse at mimicking human behaviour about then).

Old tech counts, right? I just eBay’d what was my grail phone at the time it was announced but for reasons outside my control couldn’t get at the time: the Lumia 800.

Well, it was the N9, really, but that felt like a fleeting glimpse of what Nokia could’ve been if they weren’t asleep at the wheel then sold their souls to Microsoft moments before crashing into a brick wall.

Anyway, that phone had me like that meme. That single piece of machined polycarbonate, with the glass screen sealing the enclosure. The elegant curves. Oh! Looking forward to it arriving whenever!


This was the one I always wanted but couldn’t afford at the time.

Nokia Lumia 920


I always thought it a pity that the market never ended up supporting three mobile OSes.


The Nokia windows phones were really rather nice too.

What was everyone’s smartphone before the Apple/Google dominance?

Mine was a Sony Xperia X1. Also used to have one of those super skinny Samsung swivel phones. And an LG watch phone. Also had one of those Sony brick phones with the transparent screen.

Ah, yes, the big brother of the 800. Another nice one. And then there was the 1020 with the enormous tumour on the back.

Indeed. I really rather liked Windows Phone (as much as I hate Windows on PC). One of my favourite phones to this day is the little HTC Radar I had!

Perhaps we need a phone nostalgia topic? I have so many greats (and not so greats) I could list!




If my memory serves me right, I was using either Nokia 6500 Slide or Sony Ericsson K750i before I got my first iPhone.

I’m not sure I’d describe either as particularly smart but I could check my emails.

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I miss Windows Phone so much :disappointed: