What's the last bit of tech you bought?

:exploding_head: I don’t think I’d last two days with that setup!


Oh no no no


It’s been a while but I think we might need a community intervention.


Is Tom in the wrong

  • Yes
  • Yes but I want to press this one

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You can pick two options on your poll :wink:

My second HomePod Mini didn’t turn up yesterday. I didn’t get a ring on the door or a card, just a note in the RM app to book a redelivery

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This is not an either/or poll :joy:


I’ll pretend it was intentional but Peter is correct!


Speaking of mismatched stero pairs, just seen that Sonos have announched the “Era 100”.

Looks like it’s an upgrade to the Plays / Sonos Ones series, but looks pretty sleek.

Not sure if I’d make the upgrade to my surrounds, yet, but I have been contemplating something for my WFH set up - but I’m more tempted by the IKEA Symfoniks at the mo.


I guess it’s an easy way of remembering which ones left and which ones right… :thinking: :sweat_smile:

They’re pretty unbeatable for the price.

The Era do have the cool upward firing speakers too though.

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Now when you realise you can get the ERA300, and pair them with the sound bar as the rears for basically full atmos, you soon understand why Sonos is an addiction


I did it, I went for the Samsung HW-Q800B. The cashback deal made it a no-brainer really.

They’re GOOD, but they do have a few quirks.

I’ve had to turn off Q symphony, there’s occasionally a really annoying sync issue between the TV and the soundbar, so I’ve had to turn it off.

The bass from the sub is a lot :joy: even with it turned right down.

But overall I’m really happy, in particular Dolby Atmos sounds great, especially with TV + Music.

Need to get the rear speakers for proper surround, and maybe an isolator stand for the sub next.


Oh that’s annoying!

The sub is probably tuned for movies. I don’t like music with too much bass but movies I reckon the more the better. Shake the room and all. But yeah I’ve heard the setup it in a shop and it’s one hell of a sound for the price.


Im sorry but the more backlash, the more I look at them and think they look good together :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I didn’t even realise they had released anything other than the 100.

This could be interesting then……


I kinda feel we to see evidence of the set up so we can fully appreciate it … :sweat_smile:

(Although I imagine it might be a potential security risk…)


Can they be hacked on sight (I fear what @N26throwaway can do with a mere image)? Or are we worried that the community will march on @_Tom with a replacement device so he’s colour consistent?


Picture pending…


If CSI shows have taught me anything it’s that even from a low res pixelated image you can “ENHANCE”! Then all sorts of GDPR sensitive information could be stolen… Then BOOM next thing you know your identity has been stolen all your money is gone. Someone else is living in your house with your SO, while you’re stuck in your own version of Will Smith’s seminal work ‘Enemy of the State’…

(who me? No I never over think things…)

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Not exactly tech, but what are people using for laptop bags? Need a new one - previously just been using a commuting type that I can run with but that’s very tired. I don’t need that sort of bag anymore so there’s tonnes to choose from! Any recommendations?