What's the last bit of tech you bought?

I used to have the AirPods Max but ended up reselling them. Very good build quality as expected, sounded great, NC was great.

Heavy and the case was a pain, went back to my AirPods Pro’s.

Yep. They are very good. That being said, I got them for free, and I doubt I’d think they are worth the money relative to other premium wireless headphones if I’d paid for them.

As expected, the iOS integration is incredibly slick and if you’re fully in the Apple ecosystem and have no qualms paying the Apple tax, then they’re probably a good choice, provided there’s no solid rumors circulating about a refresh any time soon.

Everything I’ve ever heard about the Max’s suggest they’re really good but overpriced.
I have had the original xm’s through to the xm4 and while they’re perhaps not the best ‘feeling’ headphones, they are so comfortable to wear for extended periods due to the relative lightness, and the NC is in my opinion second to none.

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Four months in, I can’t believe how I ever managed without a 4k 32" display.

I still have my old 24" 1080p monitor as a secondary screen and its just awful. I used it for years with no complaints but everything now just looks absolutely massive and pixelated.

Also glad I skipped 27" as it everything would have been tiny at native res and I’d have ended up having to zoom.

Can’t recommend the upgrade enough. Definite productivity game changer.


Yes, same. To think when I first sat behind a computer 1024x768 VGA was “world class” and here I am writing this from a 4k monitor.

Which is essential if you have an M1 Mac, cos they don’t output at anything less so you really notice it on a cheap monitor!

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I got an ultrawide recently pretty much because it was cheaper than 2 monitors… I’m surprised how well it works as a format. For games it’s more immersive having things on the left and right and at other times I can tell windows to put two things up at once.


Last month was upgrade BBC Micro month… dedicated gotek, 128MB flash ROM, serial port wifi, TrboMMC, Tube… Some of this I’d done before but making the whole package work together neatly took a bit of tinkering.

This month is supposed to be the same for the Amiga, but bits taking some time arrive (pistorm32 is hard to get, and when I finally found one in stock Royal Mail buggered up the delivery) but that’ll have internal gotek + extra box for display/rotary, pistorm32 (68040, HDMI, gobs of memory), and AmigaOS 3.2.2.

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Anyone succumbed to the Steam Deck sale yet?

I’m still managing to hold off (for now).

I am due a new monitor. My primary is over 10 years old ultra wide but been waiting for a ultra wide 4K with hdr 120hz


I got it around Christmas for full price and have no regrets. Lately been playing Xcloud on it

I am pretty tempted to upgrade I have to admit… especially when I read comments like this and the next one down.


It’s such a quality of life improvement when you’re using it for 8 hours a day. And there’s no reason it won’t be good for ten years.

You can obviously spend crazy amounts to get the best, but mine was only £250 and looks fantastic to my eye.


I think 1440p for 27 and 4K for 32 are the best resolution/ screen size.


Yes, the amount of time is what’s making me consider it. I have a 24" but something bigger would make life easier I think. £250 sounds like an absolute steal as well - haven’t seen anything for that sort of price when I have looked. Might be time for another scout around! :eyes:

I got some Airpod Pro 2 headphones today, first owned device with Noise cancelling and now I want to replace my pc headset with it after using them for a couple of hours. It makes such a difference.


Second HomePod is here and stereo pair is immaculate


I bought a new tent for a walk I’m doing. Does this count? Probably not but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

It’s a Nordisk Telemark 2. It’s about the same weight as my much cheaper pole tent, but way more spacious and side opening which I’ve realised is what I want (makes cooking in the rain easier). And 2 man, I need the space for my bag and changing while wet. All for 900g!


I still have my XM3’s but after leaving my Linkbud S’s in California bought some of the XM4’s. I think the XM3’s are still a solid set of noise canceling earbuds. My main issue always with them was that they hurt my ears after about 30 mins or so of wearing them. I don’t know if it was a design or a weight issues, but neither the LinkBuds or the XM4’s give me the same problem. My dad is a huge Apple fan these days (his gateway drug was an iPhone 7+) However, I just ifnd in comparison to the Sony buds the apple ones feel and look cheap to me.


I’m very tempted to get a second HomePod to try this out with tv.

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I havent been using my TV as much recently but as I spent the £300 on the first homepod I’ve essentially forced myself to watch it so I’m getting lots of use out of it!

I paired a white and black together because I’m crazy like that, gives it character.