What's the last bit of tech you bought?


Sorry - already sold before I could reply to this message!


Lol! No problem!


So my Wyzecam Pans have arrived.


Apart from a bit of a pain finding the sweetspot to let them read the QR code for the wifi, they have been a doddle to set up.

The movement tracking and notifications work well, I can stream my home to my phone and they work with IFTTT so I can enable and disable them based on my presence.

Very impressed.


How did you get them shipped to the UK?


Got my brother to send them - he’s now bought some himself, was paying a fortune to Nest before for storage.

(Richard) #426

Well walked into the Apple store yesterday and the decision is on… upgrade my phone now (iPhone 7) to an XS or buy a series 4 watch…


(Jorge) #427

If you don’t have a watch, get one! If you do I guess the phone is more exciting. If you have both… :stuck_out_tongue:


I love my Apple Watch so I’d go with that if you don’t have one and your a regular exerciser. If your desperate for a new phone then go for that instead. Or go for both!

PS I was recently in the Edinburgh Apple store for the first. It’s lovely! :heart_eyes:

(Ravi) #429

That’s ridiculously cheap for just the cam, let alone two weeks of cloud storage too.

My Nest cams were $$$ and I can’t afford the cloud service, but I’ve stuck with them because they’re great quality and the apps are well supported, with constant updates.

Still, very tempting to switch.


My brother says the wyze picture quality is better than his nest cams too.

(Harry) #431

Apple Watch Series 4 :crazy_face::watch:

(Richard) #432

I’ve also opted for nest. Recently bought a nest outdoor cam to test it and have been impressed.

The nest aware might be pricey, but on the free trial seems pretty good.

Was considering Arlo as the alternative, but the fact it doesn’t record 24/7 does mean it can miss stuff (plus… I can’t be bothered changing batteries)

(Nicole Dall) #433

Apple Watch Series 4. A little early birthday present for myself :see_no_evil:


I’m after the apple AirPods but they wouldn’t get the use from me

Has anybody bought any of the cheaper alternatives and would recommend?

(Simmy) #435

Xbox ONE S + Forza 4 for £250 off Argos.

(Ravi) #436

Just bought my first iPhone. Now using a second hand 7 Plus. Lots of nice things but also a lot of adjusting after being so used to Android.


Pixel 3 XL & the Pixel Stand… eta 2nd November :frowning:


I’m seriously considering getting the Google Home Hub for no good reason other than it’s shiny and would tie up my smart home devise nicely!

Anyone else getting on-board that particular train??

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #439

Not me. But there’s no better reason than this to get one. :joy:


Shiny shiny!