What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Patrick) #401

Wait a minute, it’s not over yet:

(Richard) #402

Saw all of that on facebook :joy: Tado are not doing a good job at keeping a consistent message…

Pretty much sealing the deal that when I move house, i’ll switch to something else.

(Valeri) #403

That’s a bit harsh, I would give them the benefit of the doubt having a newbie at CS at the moment…

(Patrick) #404

To be fair, they’re getting bombarded and I think there is a bit of a language barrier. I don’t think that they’re native English speakers.

The fee is low enough to be pretty insignificant on a yearly basis - it is annoying but I like the system and will keep it and pay. I just want them to clarify that the v3 becomes the v3+ as far as the end user is concerned. (I’m pretty sure that’s the case.)

It’s still cheaper (initial outlay balanced with function and any subscription cost) and nicer looking than any other systems, in my view.

It’s just the way they’ve gone about it…

(Richard) #405

Language barrier is one thing, but they’ve actually changed their promises (so far to remove it from their site).

This way you always get to enjoy the latest features of tado° at no additional cost.

(Patrick) #406

Oh yeah, it’s totally wrong. They really should upgrade all existing customers for free then start again from now with the new policy. But if they don’t, I still like the product and will stick with it.

  • Although I’ve lost respect and any loyalty I might have developed for them as a company. If something better, for me, came along I’d switch.

I just meant as far as the customer services agent I was speaking to and their contradictions and lack of clarity. I felt bad for them.


I believe they are all German - Could be wrong though.

(Izzy) #408

How easy is it to install the radiator valves? Can you do it yourself? Or do you need a plumber?


I did all mine myself. Can do them in 5 minutes, no exaggeration. Longest thing is registering each one.


There’s a small collar at the bottom of the existing valves, it unscrews and the Tado one just screws on instead.

Here’s a few pictures of the one in my kitchen (excuse any mess, it’s being ripped out in a few weeks)

(Brian Hunter) #411

Is the Tado a good solution for people who rent? Need to know how reverable the procedure is.

Having a Nest system put in seems fairly involved, in that it all needs to be wired up, so I’m wondering if Todo valves are something you could plonk on, and take off again if you leave the property?


Yeah I rent and got just the radiator valves initially. I got the thermostat a few months later as I’m fine with swapping it back out when I leave.


Last of Us is a must play

(Simon B) #414

Absolutely. One of the greatest video game experiences I’ve ever had… Can’t wait for Part 2!


Got this bundle from Currys for £230. Been umming and aahing about getting an Xbox but hard to pass up at this price!

(Gareth) #416

Xbox have honestly come a long way since the start of the generation. I recommend Game Pass. Forza Horizon has just come out and it is one of the best racing games I have ever played! :smiley:


Yep - game pass is the first thing on my list. Definitely want to play Forza but racing sims don’t hold my attention for too long so game pass is perfect for that.

I did have a 360 but didn’t play on it for a long while as life got busy. Manage to squeeze a bit of time in now (with a kid as well!) so thought I’d go for this. Will be selling the games and extra controller which brings the cost down even more.

(Gareth) #418

I have never finished a Forza Motorsport game but the Horizon games are fun enough to capture hundreds of hours of my attention each! I’d definitely give it a go!

They have deals on Game Pass sometimes. I got 6 months half price on Prime day! Have you got any 360 games on your account or on disc? Over 500 are backwards-compatible :open_mouth:

I sound like a walking advert at this point but I really like everything they are trying to achieve!


Sold them all - wasn’t much worth keeping.


Just as a cheeky ask how much would you want for Fifa? My son’s are desperate for it!! :slight_smile: