What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #381

The last time I went shortly after a launch, it wasn’t so much the people buying (they just stood in a queue), as the large number of people looking.

I think it was the iPhone 6 launch, because it was radically different in looks to all the previous iterations.

Anyway, I’m liking my new bit of kit, and that’s the important thing. :+1:

(Patrick) #382

Yeah, I saw that - the day after I installed mine they appeared on all the online stores. Tado told me that they are externally identical, the 3+ has a faster chipset ‘for faster firmware updates’ and more memory.

They told me that all future 3+ firmware updates and extra features will also work on the 3. They said that later in the autumn, all ver 3 users will be given the option to update to the 3+ firmware and feature set for €19.99 (one off and it’s applied to your account with them so works across all phones and devices logged into your account). This will give you all the 3+ features and will change the app over to the new interface.

I don’t know whether to wait and pay the €19.99 or however much it will be here, or send mine back and get the 3+. Because they’re identical externally I could swap them over without having to change the back plates. Just order, then swap out the bridge and thermostats and send the new back plates back with the old thermostats (Tado confirmed there’d be no way to tell).

In short - as far as I can tell and have been told after enquiring, there are no new sensors, it’s just a slightly faster/better chipset, the old ones can run everything that the new ones can and will be updated for a small charge.

(Richard) #383

Seeing different things on twitter saying it’s an annual subscription rather than one off fee…


Send it back and get the V3+ if it’s the same price. There is no way they remade the board and used a new chipset only for “firmware updates”. There are new features coming down the line and previous-generation hardware will not be getting them.

(Adam Kendrew) #385

I think it’s been communicated really badly.

With the current hardware and app, you already have access to what they are now calling their ‘Auto Assist’ which automatically turns off your heating when the last person leaves etc.

Those who start on the v3+ hardware and app, will have to purchase the ‘Auto Assist’ to be able to get this done automatically, otherwise it only prompts you through notifications. to switch off the heating etc.

That’s what I can gather anyway from speaking with them on the phone and via Twitter.

(Patrick) #386

Exactly what I thought. Amazon immediately agreed to take back the ‘old’ system. Though, even though it’s been installed.

So I’m going to send it back and get the new version.


This would make sense.

As much as I love my Tado, the company itself is… well… Less transparent shall we say.

They recently had a promo on some of the kit (which looked really good).

But on reflection, the kit was a “basic” version which was software limited.

To bring it up to “par” with the normal stuff, it was all subscription based things.

So before you make any decisions @Pipefish, I’d absolutely clarify with Tado what the crack is.

My instinct would be that the units are not any different at all, and they simply want to generate more revenue from the same things.

(Patrick) #388

It is very odd, they’ve handled this very badly and it looks like they might be trying to pull a fast one.

Maybe it isn’t significantly different and they’ve only released a 3+ because in previous advertising they’d said there’d be no additional costs?

So now they’ve decided they want a subscription model but can’t go back on their word so release a ‘new’ version for a fresh start and the ability to charge?


That would be my gut instinct based on what they’ve done in the past - But I can’t be 100% sure.

They are certainly trying to do more and more around subscriptions, and I think they will end up moving their whole product range to that model.

So anyone who has the “older” stuff, is potentially in a better position.

Again, purely a guess though, and until there is a definitive answer from Tado, we won’t know.

Edit - I’ve looked at it again, and there really isn’t anything new here.

They are trying to peddle a new app, but I find using the Apple Home app easier anyway (and to be honest, once you set up your schedules, you’ll never touch it!)

(Patrick) #390

I’d love to see what the actual hardware changes are. I bet they’re very minimal.

It seems the €19.99 to upgrade your existing system is for a year. They’re saying to v3 users who are asking, basically - ‘You can upgrade for €19.99 And you won’t pay anything else for a whole year.’

I am really starting to think that this is soley a way for them to change to a subscription model. There’s a huge backlash going on, on Twitter.


Wait, what? (Also, looks like £24.99 is the UK pricing)

What a clusterf**k! :smiley:


OK, so it’s £20 for a new app :joy:

In really don’t think there is any point!

(Richard) #392

Yup… it really is! I’m in the process of selling my flat and leaving tado behind… might be time to jump ship to nest in the new house?

Annoyingly I bought a v2 starter kit from o2 for £50 a while back just in case we did move…


I still love Tado, especially whilst they are supporting the “old” stuff - The radiator valves are far better than just 1 main thermostat.

(Patrick) #394

It’s pretty much confirmed that this is soley a way to start charging. They’ll only say, ‘more memory and a faster chipset’, when you ask what the hardware difference is.

Plus when I asked about the status of the v3+ additional thermostats because I can’t find any to buy anywhere, they said it didn’t matter, the additional thermostats won’t be labelled with version numbers, they’re interchangeable so just buy any.

There is literally no difference. I bet they’ve added 1KB of memory, for legal reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

This is so unethical - I’m actually not too bothered though (I did wonder why there was a price difference of up to £60 for the starter kit on some sites though - obviously they knew that a ‘new’ version was imminent).

I do love the system. But if this had happened the day before I bought it instead of the day after, I don’t think I’d have bought it. Trust in their business practices is now non-existent.


So Tado are starting to charge for what was previously free? I’m pretty disappointed in them if that’s the case. (V1 Tado here!)


I don’t think it’s quite the case - I can’t find any info on what the “boiler health check” or “Air Comfort” will do.

But I certainly don’t see it being a huge benefit - Even if it was free.


I’ve been on Tados twitter and FB it seems that with V3+ things like geofencing / open window etc will send you a push notification asking if you want to turn heating off. If you want it to turn off automatically (as it does at the moment) you need to pay the subscription. They are chucking in a couple of new things (boiler health etc) but they will still be moving to a subscription for things that used to be free.


For new customers I believe - Not for existing customers (I hope).


Yes, sorry. If you upgrade (or buy) V3+ (has separate app)you pay subscription for geofencing etc, you can choose to remain on V3 or below and remain subscription free.

(Patrick) #400

From what I can make out - Boiler health just keeps track of the running time of your boiler, maybe when it’s been run for a certain number of hours it suggests a boiler service? I imagine through one of their ‘partners’.

Air comfort times how long it is since you last opened a window and tells you to open a window if it’s been a while.

…You can’t properly monitor a boiler in the way they suggest from just on/off switching, that’s stupid.

They’ve told me that the thermostats aren’t labelled with version numbers because it doesn’t make any difference. The bridge literally just connects to the homekit stuff and sends and receives commands from the servers - all the work is done by the app or server…

So it’s actually impossible for there to be any real differences here if you think about it. Otherwise there’d be a v3+ thermostat and they’d be telling people that you can’t mix and match versions.


Bloody hell, took long enough - but got there in the end…