What's the last bit of tech you bought?

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It’s just to be safe :slight_smile: and their support is very good!

(Patrick) #362

Yeah, well, so far they’ve been pretty quick. I do think this process should be completed before buying though. If you’re undertaking a self install you’re probably not new to a certain level of DIY and are willing to accept responsibility for your actions.

Sits there refreshing his emails every 10 seconds

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I got a Galaxy Tab S4 today!
Yes I know… I’m using an Android device :scream:
I’m loving it though!

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The Tado kit looks interesting - seems you can rent them by the month - which would be useful for rental properties - seems like it should be a straightforward job to return the thermostat back to it’s original position when uninstalling.

This thread is very bad for the wallet.


The TRV’s take 5 mins to install

(Patrick) #366

Got the Tados installed now, three of them downstairs in the house. I’ll be interested to see how they cope with the underfloor heating that takes hours and hours and hours to heat up (research I’ve done indicates it should work fine).

I eventually got the instructions, installed the first one. But didn’t realise that you couldn’t go back to the instructions afterwards. So when I registered the second one on the website - I just got the old, ‘please wait for us to check your system’. Argh.

So I phoned them up and asked them for a PDF of the instructions that I could then keep, because I had three identical installs. They said they couldn’t and they had to wait for it to go through their system to be checked. Meanwhile both additional thermostats were activated and came up as in use…

I waited for a while, no email. Phoned them back and they said it could take 48 hours.

I got annoyed and took the installed one apart and also referred to the photos I’d taken pre-install. I had two blue wires and two brown - by sheer luck, one set of wires was a slightly faded shade in the one I’d already done so I could tell them apart (in the other ones the two sets were identical) - meaning I could just copy the positions as I could tell which had been where on the old thermostat (one from the bottom goes here, one from the middle goes here… It’s a shame it’s not really a standard like live from the old one goes to live on the new one, neutral from old goes to neutral on new. It’s like… little clock symbol goes to ON, left facing arrow symbol goes to COM. So you really can’t do it without instructions or an extremely good memory).

Not the smoothest of processes. But done now. I’m going to see how these perform then maybe get another for the separate upstairs heating system.

If anyone does get a Tado system and self installs - take a screenshot of each page of the instructions!

I fear this may be the start for me of a money pit of internet connected home devices!


Mine was an odd Honeywell system so I get sent an installation PDF anyway.

I had a few issues with zones and moving thermostats to start with but that seems to work fine now. I replaced a battery in one after 6 months but the others have all been fine.

A friend got the thermostat unit for £10 from O2 a few months back!




Top man! So have you tested the system to see if it heats up?

(Patrick) #370

Luckily - it being only a 4 year old house, the back boxes that the old thermostats were on seemed to be a standard size with the holes in exactly the same positions as the holes in the Tado thermostats so I could just screw the Tados straight into the existing back plate/box.

(Patrick) #371

Yeah, they all seem to be working fine, they all fire it up and switch it off - I even left an old thermostat in place before installing the last one - and switched it up and down to see how the boiler reacts and how long it takes to react and it’s pretty much exactly the same with the Tados.

Although they all seem to be reading the temperature of the room as a lot higher than my crappy little £4 Amazon digital thermometer that’s on the shelf nearby.

I’m pretty certain that the Tados are correct and the £4 thermometer is wrong though. (I’m still going to borrow an accurate thermometer from somewhere to check though)


If you get an accurate reading you can add an offset on the TRV settings (in case you didn’t know)

It’s useful if your radiator is behind a wardrobe or something :slight_smile:

Also, mine is around 20 years old and the holes also lined up. I was quite relieved as I’m in a rented place so have to put it all back afterwards!

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Last thing I bought was these headphones, really comfy

(David watson ) #374


(Patrick) #375

I got a bit obsessed with checking how accurate they are - started researching thermometers. Calibrated ones are really expensive and everything else had varying reviews of up to 3 degrees out.

I then read that baby monitors and baby branded thermometers were on the whole very accurate (scared of being sued by angry parents?). In particular, those ‘gro egg’ things had very good reviews with loads of people saying they were very accurate - so I went out and bought one. It reads exactly the same as the Tados at all times, whatever room I put it in, down to .1 of a degree.

Irrational obsessive anxiety now quenched. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know this might make me unpopular (don’t shoot the messenger)…

Edit - Can’t work out what’s changed at all though!

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From their twitter:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #378

After making several posts in many threads saying that I was more than happy with my iPhone 6s, and saw no reason to jump to Android or to upgrade to a new iPhone, I finally got so fed up with the Pulse graph taking up so much room on the screen, that I went and bought an iPhone X.

I feel like a relapsed tech addict. :joy:

Not the real reason, obvs :joy:

Edit: Yes, I know what’ll happen in a few weeks, but I wanted to use IPhone Pay, so had to go to an Apple store, and there’s no way I’d do that when the new iPhone range appears (due to very mild anxiety in crowds).

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I think from what I can work out, here at the new features from the V3+ in addition to updated specs:

  • New V3+: air comfort Skill: provides insights about your home’s air freshness & outdoor air Quality and helps you maintain a healthy climate at home
  • New V3+: auto-assist Skill option for more convenient control of your heating (available in-app, can be purchased & cancelled at any time for only 2.99/month)

I’m not sure on the difference with the radiator valves though.

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To be perfectly honest, last year there wasn’t much crowd at all even at the Covent Garden store due to the strict pre-booking system :slight_smile: