What's the last bit of tech you bought?

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I recently bought a PS4. Bit of an impulse purchase but it was my birthday and I really want to try some PSVR but none of my friends had it (the VR kit will be a later purchase!). I got the 1tb Pro in White which I think looks great, much nicer than the old PlayStations I remember. I’m totally not a gamer so I didn’t have high expectations but I’ve been obsessed with No Man’s Sky over the past week and not touched any of the other games I’ve bought.

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You’re in for a fun time. Bought mine almost two years ago now and I think the gaming scene right now is really special with the PS4 being at the top of that IMO.

These are the PS4 games that I would recommend - obviously you may be into different kinds of games than I am but these are all ones I’ve really enjoyed :

The Last of Us
Uncharted : Trilogy (has the first three Uncharted games on one disc)
Uncharted 4
Uncharted : The Lost Legacy
Shenmue 1 & 2 HD (literally my favorite games of all time, originally came out 15+ years ago, now have had an HD re-release ahead of the long awaited Shenmue 3 coming out next year)
Yakuza Zero
Yakuza Kiwami
INFAMOUS : Second Son
Mortal Kombat XL

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Makes sense, but then what function does your nest thermostat perform? Just the location awareness etc? That’s the bit I was confused about.


I bought the nest purely for its ease of use. I know they all pretty much do the same thing now, but I did a lot of research and the nest stood out to me to be the best.

My old thermostat was rubbish, and was either on or off. It lost its ability to set to a desired temperature and turn off. When on, it was max temp, which was way too hot for us and off it would get cold very quickly, so we were always up and down at the thermostat! Bloody thing.

Since having the new thermostat:

The house can be empty all day during winter, but when one of us is on our way home from work, yes it’s location awareness through the app can tell it to turn on and we walk in to a warm house.

It was after I had the nest installed that I realised that I could make it even more cost effective, because nest had saved me £200 (minimum) a year on heating the house.

The tado thermostatic radiator valves are excellent for setting a desired temperature on a room by room basis, or to be even turned off completely. It makes a big difference to my bill, to turn the radiators down a few degrees in temperature, and I save even more by turning them off completely when rooms are empty.

Very very long winded answer there, apologies.

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Really good answer, thanks! I already have a Nest thermostat which is really smart, but doesn’t take into account the temperature of each room which is the problem I have. I had been waiting for Nest to make their own valves that would fully integrate but it doesn’t seem like that will ever happen so the tado could be a good shout.

Cheers! :grin:

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Have had my Nest for four years and never paid a penny for extra services.

Are you thinking about Nest Aware for the cameras?


On the Tado front…

I love it, it’s one of the best smart home things I’ve bought… But!

You really need to get it on every radiator if you want it to work properly (which isn’t cheap).

However, I love them, and they are great!


Yes, I’ve never paid a subscription for my nest thermostat either.


This is very true. The radiator valves cost £59 per valve. So saying you you have 7 which is what I have in my case, it’s quite a big investment.

I was going to change all my radiator valves in my house anyway because most were very old and didn’t work. I looked at traditional trv’s (thermostatic radiators valves) and they are quite expensive anyway, so decided to pay more and go with the smart ones from Tado.

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I thought you had to pay to use the online/app services away from home? If not, count me as corrected!

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Definitely not. They’d never sell any!!

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Bugger. That’s the problem with these threads. You find out about something you had no idea you even needed and next thing you know you’re down a couple hundred quid!


The ones I needed were £40 each


:joy::joy::joy: happens to me all the time

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Yeah, £347 for the starter kit and two extra thermostats though isn’t too bad.

Frustrating thing though is that they refuse to give you customised installation instructions before you buy - ‘It’s an automated system’. I spoke to them on the live chat the other day and they assured me that my heating system was compatible. You can’t even pre-register as if you’ve already purchased because they make you enter the serial numbers before you can even start.

I bought the Tado stuff, it arrived today (my day off)… So I got out my screwdrivers, ripped open the box, go straight online to use this automated system and get my wiring diagrams and what I get when I enter the make and model of the thermostats I’m replacing is… - ‘We need to check your system, a support request has been submitted.’

Now I have to wait for them to ‘check my system’ - which they have no information about other than the make and model of the thermostats I’m replacing. I got impatient and phoned them up and he said he’d send my request ‘to the department that puts together the instructions’ - I don’t really think he did anything.

Kind of annoying. Now I’m sitting here with all the stuff, on my day off, yet I can’t do anything with it.


next thing you know you’re down a couple hundred quid!

So much for Monzo helping you manage and save your money. :joy:

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Guess you didn’t need the extension box then?

(Patrick) #360

Nah, just a direct replacement of the thermostats only - for an underfloor heating system.

Just got an email back asking for photos even though I told them, it’s the 230v, 4 wire version. I know they have to be careful so idiots (like me) don’t go blowing themselves up. But I could have done this before I bought - if they’d have let me.