What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Stephen Ward) #321

I got my quip at the weekend. Had to pay quite a bit for import tax. It’s not as good as expected. The build quality is fine but the vibrations mostly happen in the handle not the head so it feels only slightly better than brushing with a regular brush.
I think the main thing it’s got going for it is the subscription brushes & toothpaste which stop you runnning out. But really, when is that ever a problem? My cheap oral-b pulsonic is much much better.


I have a Nest thermostat with Tado radiator valves (I don’t like the Tado thermostat) that act as different zones for the house. So when we’re all downstairs the radiator valves (at a set time) turn off the radiators upstairs and visa Versa for bed time. All done through the Tado app.

Works excellently and I’ve saved a lot of money by doing this. Haven’t covered the cost of the radiator valves as yet but not too far off. I calculated and I’ve saved an average of 20% on energy bills by doing this.

Not a lot of people know that this can be done.


20% of how much though, and was it worth the initial investment (Nest + radiator valves)?

(Richard) #324

20% of their usual heating bills I guess?

I bought a tado starter kit for my flat (with extension box), paid itself off over it’s first winter (Installed in August…)

Seriously considering installing it again when we move into a house end of the year/start of next year.


20% of their usual heating bills I guess?

Yeah but my question is what was that in terms of pounds. If the bills were already low then 20% of that might not be worth the extra hardware investment.

(Richard) #326

True… IIRC, it reduced our direct debit by about £30 a month.

But it’s worth noting that I live in a 120 year old flat with 9ft high ceilings…

Someone in a newer building might save more… they might save less.

But there’s a few factors to take into it. How efficient your property is, what’s the climate/weather like etc


Don’t Tado have a guarantee* to reduce your costs by a certain amount or you get your money back?

I’ve had the valves and a thermostat all over the house for around 6 months, definitely helps at least get a room to the right temperature. We have a ‘box’ room in the house which is tiny and really difficult to keep at a steady temperature. The radiator valve is worth it for this room alone!

You can hear the valves move sometimes but it’s not a terrible or particularly loud noise.

(Richard) #328

They do…

(Patrick) #329

I’d never heard of Tado, but now I really want it!

Their website is terrible though. You can’t do a compatibility check or view wiring diagrams until you go through the checkout!

We have underfloor heating, each existing thermostat has 4 wires instead of the regular 3. I’m thinking the 4th wire is probably just some neutral that can be parked and made redundant but finding the installation manuals without buying or going through the checkout is impossible. Even finding close up images of the wiring identification stickers or trim plates is impossible.

(Rika Raybould) #330

Multi-zone with valves and HomeKit is highly tempting over Nest for the next house I need to add a smart thermostat to. :eyes:

(Valeri) #331

I’ve been eyeing them for a while… but still feeling the burn from the Dyson fan (probably worst investment ever).

(Richard) #332

Send them a support ticket asking them compatibility with X,Y & Z .

They’ll send everything and if they don’t know, they’ll ask for pictures of how it’s currently wired and send you back everything you need! This is what happened to me!


I got sent a quick quiz on my existing thermostat and within 1 working day had a step by step wiring guide from Tado with pictures and sticky labels so it was easy to revert the installation afterwards.

(Patrick) #334

Blimey, that sounds good. Although I’d much prefer that they put out all online for people who’d rather work it out for themselves.

There are no markings whatsoever on the existing thermostats, but I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed it down and that they’re the Salus RT10.

I’m trying so hard not to order! £425 for my setup!

(Adam Kendrew) #335

I’d much prefer to have a Nest (we sell them through work) but as this will be my first house, I’ve tried to keep to HomeKit compatible products where possible. Does sound like a sweet setup though! :smiley:


My energy bill was easily £1100. Since tado and nest installed they’ve come down to £800 approx. Even with the beast from the east!

Haven’t paid for themselves yet but in 2-3 years they will. We have a hard to heat house with no cavity wall. HomeKit is not an issue with me because I have IFTTT buttons triggered for certain temperatures and then HomeKit can sort the individual rooms out with Alexa

Got the Nest thermostat when it was on offer for free installation also, so saved myself hassle there too.

(Patrick) #337

I don’t like the look of the Nest or the Hive thermostats. They also seem to rely too much on the online service. I believe you even have to pay a subscription for some features. Sod that. Paying a subscription to use a thermostat, no matter how cool or integrated with other devices, is ridiculous.

Ideally I’d like a system that doesn’t rely on any outside service, one that I can literally just type my IP address or dynamic DNS service address into the settings and then the app or my computer communicates directly with the system in my home. I don’t think that exists though.

I wonder if there is anything in place for if any of these companies go bust and their servers cease to exist?

But - I really have to get rid of my current thermostats. The house was built in 2014 by an independent developer/investors, so obviously they used the cheapest, crappest fittings and fixtures. The current thermostats are incredibly bad. Like I said above, we have underfloor heating, which takes a long time to heat up and needs accurate thermostat control - with the current ones you have to turn them right up to 27 - 30 to click on, even when we have a room thermometer sitting there reading 19 degrees or so.

Pretty sure I’m going to go with the Tado.

(Andrew Schofield) #338

Drayton Wiser is also with a look at if you want multi-zone heating control.
I’ve got it set up on my Combi boiler with a smart TRV in every room bar the bathrooms. It works very well, I’ve even written a binding for openHAB since it has a sane API that can be poked directly on your home network.
Doesn’t work with homekit, but has IFTTT, Alexa and Google home integrations.


(Andy Hughes) #339

Could you explain your setup a bit more? I have a nest thermostat and like the idea of being able to control the temp in different areas of the house, but surely your setup negates the need for the nest thermostat as that will just turn the heat on or off depending on the single room it is in?


I have a nest thermostat but tado radiator valves. I don’t have a tado thermostat.

The tado valves control the heat in individual rooms for comfort and shuts them off at certain times too ie if we’re all downstairs, I set the upstiras valves to turn off knowing that the majority of the time we’ll be downstairs at certain times of the day and visa Versa.

Hope this makes sense. If it doesn’t let me know