What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Thanks for the advice, I ended up going with these. I’m not sure why but they’ve been easy enough to install. Bit annoyed with myself as they didn’t seem to have much of an ecosystem yet

I suspect they are matching the terms of the Sonos.com upgrade program (which doesn’t require trade in) upon request. Maybe if you don’t mention the Sonos upgrade program they would expect physical trade in.

I believe any speaker which is eligible for the Sonos upgrade program can be used.

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A couple of those Chillmax Air, mini air conditioners… just in time for the summer

Summers been and gone :eyes::sweat_smile:

I gather it’s going to get hotter again from this weekend, with temperatures of up to 30 degrees C in parts of the country.

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Which country? :slight_smile:

I can’t see any forecast giving higher than around 21 or 22, even in London.

Edit: Sorry - read that as “this weekend”, not “from this weekend” :laughing:

Yeah - metcheck.com is forecasting 34 for 13th July…


Are these air cooler things actually worth it? There are so many mixed reviews for them

Literally the worst things going, no better than a fan. It just gets people buying them coz look I can add some chilled water.


The one that we use are from Asda, about 8 inches square in size, they work without water, but to actually work like an air conditioner there is a little section where you put water in.

Not as good as those mounted on the walls, but then again they cost a fraction of what they cost and tbh, better than nothing

I used to use a floor standing fan, but it was must noisier

Nice, thanks. Didn’t realise Sonos even did this. That said, if I login, and add one of my speakers, it gives a max 15%, so would mean £381 for the Beam. Perhaps to get as low as £320, I’d need to use the credit for a more valuable speaker.

£314 is the price I got from Richer Sounds, not Sonos. I think they’re matching the terms but not necessarily the discount of the Sonos upgrade program (Richer Sounds gave larger discount). I was told I could either use my One or my Play:5 for the “trade in” unit. It made no difference to them.

Sounds good. I’ll pop in tomorrow.

I’m pretty decided on the Beam now over the Ray, as it seems lots of people have had issues controlling the volume on the Ray when connected to a Samsung Frame TV.

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Finally archiving this pot, as I’ve just placed my order!


I know this thread is generally HW, but anyone got a trail running pole recommendation?! :wink:

Unfortunately the Richer Sounds I went to didn’t let me do this. They said that the Sonos upgrade programme was different, and that they would require me to give them a device (as they send them away). They couldn’t check with head office as it was Saturday, but said you must have got lucky.

That’s a shame. I did think it was odd they didn’t need me to do an actual physical trade in, especially since I was given a significantly lower price than the sonos programme (which would have been £382).

I’ve just ordered an Eero 6 to build out my mesh Wifi system at home, previously was just using an Eero 5 with a VM router in modem mode in a flat but we’ve just moved into a house and I have a dead spot in the garden :scream:

Anyway they’re on special now for prime day if anyone is looking for a mesh system

Oh my goodness, is it Prime Day already?!

I’m eyeing the triple pack.

Officially on the 12th but they’re some early deals