What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Thank me later :flushed::rofl:


I tried something like that when my dog was in season since she sleeps in our beds. Didn’t end well :melting_face:

I used to use those doggy diapers when my dog would be in heat too before she was spayed as result of a health scare last year.

They worked quite well. Until you’d forget she was wearing a diaper when you let her outside to poop. Happened more often than I’d care to admit. Wasn’t a pleasant experience for either of us.


So I guess this count’s as “tech”. Dyson V7 “animal”

Just bought one of these and honestly in the time I’ve had it (a week) it’s been brilliant. It is the only hoover that actually removed pet hairs (of the one I owned) and didn’t die after 20 min/had the power of a hairdryer.

Love it, I basically don’t stop hoovering ever now :joy:


I tried this and my garden grew nettles and brambles. I’m now having to hack it right back and start again. Wrong soil or bad luck I guess!

Can anyone recommend a brand of smart plugs? So many brands to choose from on Amazon! I’d just like to set timers on lamps at the moment but I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of smart bulbs yet…

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There are cheaper ones, but the Kasa brand (TP-Link) are worth looking at. Nice app, integration with assistants etc. We have a few (power-monitoring 115’s) TP-Link smart plugs which control when the dishwasher/washing machine/hot-tub (heating) switch on/off. Recommended.

To be fair, the power-monitoring is a bit OTT for lamps on/off control, but there are non-monitoring models available, which are less expensive.

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What will you be using to control it? Do you have a IoT hub of some sort already?

The IKEA ones are good, you need a hub but then you can get physical buttons for the plugs too.

I have a couple of these in the garage for outdoor lights. Work with HomeKit, never once failed.


I use Meross, app is decent but I don’t use it much as it’s all connected into Google Assistant so just voice control it all.

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How? I’m debating between the Ray and Beam.

They don’t advertise it but Richer Sounds do something similar to Sonos upgrade programme.

If you have an existing Sonos speaker that’s eligible for Sonos upgrade credit, ask Richer Sounds if you can use the credit with them instead. They will give you a lower price for new purchase and you give them serial number of your existing speaker. They gave me a price of £314 for Beam Gen 2.

They’ll refer to it as a trade in price, but your’e not actually trading anything in. You keep your existing speaker and can continue using it.

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Preferably the Google App, I don’t currently have an IoT hub.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. Seems odd they wouldn’t actually take the product you’re upgrading.

Does it have to be a specific product? I only have a couple of One’s.

Kaza/tp-link ones like @davidwalton mentioned then.

We have quite a few of these and we have them scheduled for the fish tank lights, we can turn lamps on and off and our electric heater too.

Loads of use cases and dead simple to setup

What happens when the wifi goes out? Do they just switch off or switch to power on?

If WiFi goes off, they (Kasa power-monitoring ones at least) stay in the same state that they were programmed in just before it vanished: ON or OFF or ON-until-a-specific-time or OFF-until-a-specific time.

WiFi isn’t the problem, it’s the power-cuts that wreak havoc!

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I’ve had a variety of smart plugs in my time, and when the wifi goes out they’ve always turned into ‘dumb’ plugs - that is, you have to press the switch on the side of the plug to turn them ON/OFF again.

My current smart plugs are all tp-link Tapo plugs (not Kaza, and not compatible with Kaza). I picked them because they were affordable, and they’ve got the best form factor of any smart plug I’ve used. (The worst were some, I think, D-Link ones that were oval-shaped, so you couldn’t plug two of them side-by-side. Gah.)


These guys beat me to it! :point_up:

We have the older model ones, we picked loads up in clearance dirt cheap - so perhaps have a shop around to see if you can find any that stores want rid of? There are always deals on the new ones too.

You can just press the big button on the front to control them manually.

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