What's the last bit of tech you bought?

mine does it when I’m in the house… but around mid-day as you say

edit: you can change when it does the sound check :exploding_head:

Beat you to it by 2 hours :sweat_smile:

Problem with the motion light is it drains the battery like a boss. The recommended lithium batteries last about 3 months with that enabled (and they aint cheap) - with it disabled I’m getting 2-3 years out of them.

Although on the plus side when the app says ‘replace batteries’ it’ll disable the light and last another year, if you let it.


Can you not hook it up to a mains supply such as if theirs an existing fire alarm there use the same wires, then the battery won’t be an issue?

Sure, but then it involves running mains across the ceiling… (also unless they’ve changed it since I got mine the mains powered one is a different model, so switching would mean throwing the current ones away).

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I’ve already had to throw a set away. The OG battery Nest Protect sensors only had 7 years life, then they shutdown. Bin time. On the plus side, you can replace with the 2nd Gens (now with 10 year sensor life) for a slightly discounted price.

Expensive stuff is safety.


Depends how you define “best”

Most expensive would probably be a few routers worth £200+

But most useful is probably the screen protectors and cables, I will never need to buy a cable or charger again. Also buying a place and so far have got pots and pans etc all for free.

They are clever though, as I will never get rid of prime of this account now as it pays for itself.

You see some random stuff on there though.

So I caved and bought one of these.

This was my wifi before I plugged it in, not bad for up here, but it was dithering on 3Mbps the last few days, which is what made me go and buy these.


Plugged in to an extension cable

Hmmm, not that impressed. Barely an improvement. I wonder what its like if I plug directly into the wall socket, would that improve it?

Zooooooom zoooooom! Cooking on gas now!


Perfect then :raised_hands:t3:

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Yeah plugging it into an extension cable will further the delay but happy days!

Maybe tech, maybe not but I like it anyway, birthday present from family. Spigen valentinus magnetic card holder:


Quite nice, like an improved-upon Apple MagSafe Wallet

Looks great. I’m still on the XS & wish I had MagSafe. I suppose I could just superglue one onto the back of my phone case as then I can just switch case to remove it.

Quality seems good so far, won’t be something I use all the time, so didn’t want Apple wallet (expensive) so picked this instead, got good reviews too.

I did see somewhere selling MagSafe wallets with magnetic stickers for older phones.

I actually use an adhesive one at the moment. This one > Sinjimoru

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The same people that make @Tr3vorA wallet make this

Spigen OneTap Magnet Ring, Wireless Charging Conversion EZ-Kit for MagSafe, Compatible with iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel and Xiaomi etc - Matte Black https://amzn.eu/idNMFVg

It’s designed to turn a case into a MagSafe case, so might not work for a wallet.


Is the magnet any good? I’m after a MagSafe wallet, but lots of people say the Apple one isn’t very strong :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Think it works well without the case too, but defeats the object imo.

I purchased an Apple case £60 or whatever, it’s done a good job albeit battered and falling apart after 12 months

I tried a apple wallet in store last week, and have to say i think mine is nearly as strong a magnet. My wife has to go back soon to apple store to pick up a replacement strap under warranty, I’m looking forward to another play around with apple wallet and compare the two side by side. Now mine will slip off in my pocket depending on how i try to grab it etc, but from what i have read apple wallet does the same.