What's the last bit of tech you bought?

I’m a big Apple fanboy but even I have the Google WiFi setup, absolutely flawless connection all through my house.

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The link that @ravipatel posted, the two-pack, is that all that is needed? And that replaces my Sky Hub?

They are both ethernet on the back, how do I get the RJ11 from the phone socket to that? Or does it come with ethernet one end and RJ11 on the other for the “main” one and then the other just connects to the first wirelessly?

They don’t have a modem built in, so your primary sky box will serve that function. You plug one of the boxes into your sky box and the other somewhere else in your house.

Sky are really awkward to work with when it comes to using your own hardware. Eero have helpfully made a guide for this though:


It’s solely Ethernet ports x2, one for connection (input, from your Sky hub into this) and the other for an output.

So you need to follow the above steps to make it streamlined and avoid any connectivity issues☺️


+1 for Eero, works flawlessly.

You genius! This must have been why I got a good speed yesterday and then not today, makes sense now. Thank you! :pray:

Thanks for the help everyone, I’ve avoided having to spend for now but won’t rule it out!


Most welcome :raised_hands:t3:

This also happens with phones too hence you’d see variable tests at times.

Glad it’s resolved for you. Have you produced better on the 2ghz? As that uses lower frequencies which are much better for going through floors and walls, similar to mobile signals (lower is better, but slower on data).

Other way around, 5ghz is 50ish, 2ghz is less than 1 :man_shrugging:

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Ah, was curious as I’m sure I seen something about thick walls :sweat_smile:

If you’ve a fixed place for the laptop, a power line adapter would be great ie if you’ve a desk upstairs.

Uses Ethernet from router to nearby plug, then travels along power lines in the house to talk to the other end, and push through the Ethernet cable to laptop the other side.

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When I bought my house 20 years ago it was only just being built, so I got some of the network guys at work to cable it with ethernet sockets in the study/office and living room. They were happy to do it for food and drink :slight_smile:


I hate my nanoleaf bulbs so much… last night i laid in bed with my lights on because they… couldnt find my wifi? even though i was on my phone perfectly fine?? happens to me a lot, very annoying i have to go around and manually turn them off like some sort of 2012 caveman


Nanoleaf essentials bulbs? They don’t have wifi at all I believe.

You need a thread border router so they can mesh, otherwise you’re stuck with Bluetooth, and like any other wifi or Bluetooth only bulb, it’s not very reliable at all.

Thread is game changing though if you have the hardware for it. Surpasses the reliability of hue bulbs when used with their Zigbee hub imo.

I have apple home and the nanoleafs are connected via that – is that thread?

I think you’d need to connect them to a homehub to move to the full network connection.

But their customer service is THE WORST so I would always advise to cut your losses with them :grin:

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They’ll show up in the home app either way if you configure that. The difference between thread and Bluetooth is just how they communicate.

For thread, you need a thread border router connected somewhere in your home that’s connected to wifi. These are quite new and there aren’t many devices on the market that can function as a thread border router. Given that and your issues I’d guess you don’t have one.

HomePod mini is the thread border router I have. I think the latest version of Eero are thread border routers too. There aren’t many other devices on the market yet with this functionality though.

Nanoleaf have a page here;

I own multiple homepod minis (and use them to turn off my lights) and still have the problem, so I guess my experience with nanoleaf is that they are still bad? :sweat_smile:

Possibly! Can’t say I’ve had any issues with thread so far myself though. It’s been pretty flawless.

Could be worth checking for updates. I’m not fully clued into any thread troubleshooting but I can look into it and see if there’s any steps you can take to get things working reliably.

Edit: found this, so I must be very lucky with my setup:

May actually be the HomePods are causing the bad experience and not necessarily the bulbs. Wouldn’t surprise me with the level of hassle it is to actually get them setup and working properly in the first place.

I use a Netgear Orbi which has worked well for me. But I purchased it several years ago and it’s pricey.
If I was looking today I’d probably be considering Deco.

The Wirecutter has it as their budget pick


Have you tried powerline adapters? Plug one in the power socket the router is plugged into, and the other one near the laptop.

Feels like using what you have and not splurging on something new is against the spirit of this thread! :joy: