What's the last bit of tech you bought?

We have an LG TV which has stopped getting updates.

Installed a Chromecast, which works fine, but the internal storage leaves a lot to be desired however night and day better than the OS.

What are you using the internal chromecast storage for?

Isn’t that also the reason that streaming sticks are so cheap though?

I love dorms and I always stay in dorms if I travel alone. I can easily afford hotels but it leads to a far less interesting travel experience.

I’m less concerned about the data harvesting than the fact that the smart TV’s don’t seem to get updated much. I have a Philips one with Netflix, YouTube etc installed but the update situation is very opaque. I don’t know if the OS or apps ever get updated, and if they do it’s not easily visible.

That’s why I also use the Chromecast with Google TV, but I do agree that the storage is not quite enough.

My Samsung tv hasn’t been updated since 2020 I think but all apps work fine as far as I know. We just prefer the google tv as we can cast to it as well.

:rofl: worries about the smart tv monitoring you while using an android phone and google tv slurping far far more data to target ads.


Is that even a good price? :sweat_smile: Lidl can be dangerous

Didn’t purchase fyi, was curious

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Mission Battery Base for HomePod Mini (Black) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0964H3WPT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_C8G3QHRBM6XAN13J6W5Z

HomePod in the garden :sunglasses:


not bad but your better with one of these

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Not sure if the wow factor would burn out and I’d spend less on the ole kettle and instants :joy:


ha ha i have my chai latte in the morning and a carmel latte at the weekend when i was in the office i had 2 or 3 a day cut it down since wfh

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Yeah I watch Love Island, fight me Samsung.


Sage bambino plus purchased today, nice espresso, need to play about with it to get good cappuccino, lattes etc yet


What are you using to grind your beans?

Ain’t got a grinder yet, so just ground coffee for now! Do plan to get one at some stage. Do you grind your own Ravi?

I’ve given up fancy home coffee. I previously had a Barista Express which had an integrated grinder.

I was looking at a Bambino and grinder recently but managed to stop myself.

I was going to get a Smart Grinder Pro to tide me over but if I was feeling flush I’d have a Niche Zero.

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Using pre ground coffee on a machine like that is a tragedy.

The difference that freshly ground, quality beans make is truly night and day.

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I know I know, bought the bambino today when I hadn’t even intended, was meant to go to curry’s just for a look, but Argos next to Currys had it cheaper so got it and a bag of ground coffee for now. Have never looked at a grinder before so want to research a bit first! Any suggestions without breaking the bank?

Really tempted to buy the Nreal Air, released by EE yesterday.
Used to love Google glass and it seems the closed step towards it.