What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Richard) #261

will withhold inappropriate joke :wink:

(Peter Roberts) #262

The cats not there! It’s a feature of the phone, real time CG cat insertion. Sadly not supported on my OnePlus 5 :frowning:

(Andre Borie) #263

If there’s one feature that would make me switch to Android, this would be it. :joy:

(James Amey) #264

Damn it, I thought they kept that feature secret

(Brian Hunter) #265

Got one of those. It’s great!

(Ben) #266

Aww he/she just looks like mine!


Note9 Just got wait for it to be released

(Ryan Kirk) #268

How are you finding the OnePlus? I’ve always been impressed with them but never had the courage to ditch iOS :stuck_out_tongue:

(Change Works) #269

Me, exactly. I’ve been researching the OnePlus for when the old iPhone 6 gives up the ghost.

(Ryan Kirk) #270

I’ve always had an iPhone and have briefly tried Android in the past but nothing has managed to convince me to ditch the iPhone (and deep down I wished I would be convinced haha!!)

(Simon B) #271

Get a Pixel and you’ll never look back.

(Ryan Kirk) #272

I have noticed the Pixel 3 is on the way so may keep my eyes peeled for that one :eyes:

(Simon B) #273

Yep, announcement is about 6 weeks away :grinning: Although pretty much everything about it has already leaked.

(Ryan Kirk) #274

@simonb Ahh so the unboxing I saw was most likely legit then :face_with_monocle:

(Simon B) #275

Yep, a developer unit but nothing is likely to change between that and the final version, at least not hardware wise.

What I am expecting to change with the announcement is probably that the device will ship with Android 9.1, as they’ve already released a final 9.0 version last week to Pixels and a few other devices.

There are probably some new features they are holding back for 9.1.

I’m also very excited to see what other new hardware comes with it, as there’s likely to be a bunch of stuff announced at once.

Last year, they announced :

  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Max
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixelbook & Pixelbook Pen
  • Pixel Buds
  • Google Daydream View VR
  • Google Clips Camera

The ones in bold are the ones we have in our household - partner has the Pixel 2 and I have the 2 XL. Absolutely love the Pixel Buds and we have two Home Mini’s to complement our existing Home. Was massively tempted by the Home Max as well but still not available over here.

This year I’m expecting perhaps some refreshed Pixel Buds (partner wants some and I told her to hold off in case of a refresh), and if they don’t refresh the Home Max I’m expecting them to announce wider availability.

There’s also rumours of a Pixel Watch and a Pixel Display (there’s already smart displays built with Google Assistant by other manufacturers like Lenovo, but Google may build their own offering too).

It’s been a few years since Google did something in the Android TV space with the Nexus Player (mine bit the dust a few years ago) so something new there would be nice too. I don’t expect a Pixelbook re-design but they might refresh with the latest Intel chips.

They also might be announcing Windows 10 support for the Pixelbook. That’s quite interesting, and might cause me to buy one. Right now, I could get by 90% of the time with just ChromeOS and prefer it but occasionally I have to run some legacy Windows based apps. A lightweight Win10 dual-boot with a handful of programs on it could be just the ticket.


I have had my OP6 for a few months now and love it. Been an Android user for years, but did have an iPhone 6 for a little while and its beyond compare. Fast, customisable, screen and camera fab, all in all the best phone I have ever had.

The lack of wireless charging is a bit of a downer but I can live without it!

(Brian Hunter) #277

I’ve the Pixel 2 and the Pixelbook.

I’m looking forward to see what they say they are bringing to Pixelbook - lots of noise about dualbooting Windows, and of more interest to me, running native Linux apps. Available to varying degrees in Dev and unstable channels, so wondering if they will announce anything moving to stable. Would be good to hear since they will probably be announcing one or two new Pixelbooks.

I am also hoping for some kind of watch. I’m also wondering if they will come out with new earbuds.

(Peter Roberts) #278

I’ve had a OnePlus 5 since last year

No regrets, its the best phone I’ve ever had

(Ben) #279

I’ve just bought a 2 factor authenticator token from here : https://www.u2fzero.com/

It uses the FIDO U2F standard, and should be compatible anywhere that other U2F physical tokens are.

After a few threads about security / magic links I’ve read here and there, realised I need to up my security game.

Sits nicely on my keyring and is just a button press away from letting me in to all my sites. Got it as a back up for code-generator apps, etc.

(Andy) #280

Nanoleaf, rhythm edition.

It has given me great geekgasms. Really transforms a room.