What's the last bit of tech you bought?

(Richard) #221

Actually bought this as well. Although I already have one… plan to either re-sell the new one to whoever buys my flat or take the whole lot and set up a 2 thermostat system in a house :smiley:

(Andy) #222

I bought my BeatsX thanks to @ianlyon. They are pretty good! :ok_hand:

Next purchase is probably going to be an electric car while the Scottish government is doing interest free loans on them!

@Chimpofdoom having two thermostats is awesome! I always have the upstairs bedroom zone at a lower temperature than downstairs which usually means only the downstairs heaters are on. Really see a difference in bills having zones

(Simmy) #223

2 DVDs with 5 Hours of footage, for £2 off eBay

(Richard) #224

Those loans are nuts… Only on brand new… and if you take the full whack of £35k… it’s like £468 repayment a month.

Would totally love to take advantage of it… but going to have to save me thinks!

(Andy) #225

I’m looking at the new Nissan Leaf but not sure if I can make it work financially yet :frowning:

(Richard) #226

Nice, I just need good range to get back to Perthshire from Edinburgh.

Would love a Tesla Model 3… so those coin jar savings better stack up quickly :wink:

(Ian Lyon) #227

Can’t believe I didn’t know about those interest free loans! Truly 13/10, that Scottish Government. I’ll need to take a look at that.

Also :ok_hand:on the BeatsX purchase! Excellent choice.

(Excited about Christmas) #228

Not sure if this has been asked already, but has anyone bought a FixTV, or is it a scam?



Bought an Apple HomePod and a Ring Doorbell. Loving both. The sound on the HomePod is simply incredible.

(Ben) #230

Just perusing the Amazon Prime Day deals.

So I am now the proud owner of a Anova Sous Vide thingy

Have been after one of these for a bit, so the deal is very timely.


What does it do?

(Ben) #232

Oh, yeah should add that.

It controls the temperature of a pan of hot water very precisely - so you can cook food at a lower, consistent temperature, for longer.

It means if you cook things like steak with it, you can get the exact same consistency throughout without overcooking the edges.

This page has some good explanations of what this type of stuff does to things like steak.


Sounds useful for scienceing too

(Ben) #234

I’m a food technologist by trade so this is right up my street :wink:


What does being a food technologist entail? Why was Robot Chicken the first thing that popped into my head…

(Andy) #236

Argh why did you show me that?!? buys now

(Andy) #237

I’ve not gone too in depth in to it yet but it seems like a good deal and the new Nissan Leaf looks pretty decent and packed with gadgets (sadly budget doesn’t extend to a Tesla :neutral_face:)

(Ben) #238

It’s quite a broad job title (and a bit vaguer than my actual job) - but effectively I work for a UK food/drink company, helping to ensure the quality, safety and legality of the stuff we make and sell is in line with our standards (and good practices).

Involves things like; auditing factory processes (are they clean, hygienic, safe), tasting food, investigating complaints from consumers (when things aren’t of the right quality, or are damaged), investigating new mechanisms of processing food, bringing new products to market, and generally a lot of spreadsheets :wink:

Fun job, in the food industry :slight_smile:

(Andy) #239

I just bought a Amazon Show. Reduced by £100. I want it to double up as a digital photo frame.


Nest Protect. Both my Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm have been paying up recently. This isn’t cheap but over it’s 10 year lifetime, the cost is negligible and its 2 in 1.