What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Noooo. 3 separate are the best :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I like them to be clearly separate and each screen to have it’s own purpose. Come to think of it I seem to remember having this debate on here before? :rofl:

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So after just posting to the Christmas thread about needing a stand mixer. I’ve just bought one, thought might as well dive in whilst it’s on offer. Was looking at KitchenAid mixers, but for sale price I can get a more powerful Kenwood. They’re built like tanks these things and have been around since forever (slight exaggeration), my gran had a Kenwood it was used pretty much every weekend and would deal with anything that got thrown at it.

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That’s a great discount

They really do last forever


Yeah I’d of been stupid not to purchase it at that price. Thought I’d just check Curry’s before getting a KitchenAid. I’ve got a credit account with Curry’s, so payments not needed for 9 months. I’ll pay it off after Christmas before that period is up. Win win in my book.

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New laptop from Dell - 12% + 15% voucher codes + £100 off with Amex will replace laptop with a broken hinge

Chromecast with Android TV as the LG TV cannot run Plex anymore

14 + 8tb Hard drives for my Synology NAS


Wow, 112 Tb!

Ha, you mean 22tb

I have installed them all, my PC is now in the ‘99th percentile’ according to Passmark :sunglasses: .

Just waiting for the steam library to download

Yes I read that as 14 * 8 ……. my bad lol

Getting myself an iPad Pro and may as well get it now what with the Apple gift card for Black Friday.

I’ve been deliberating between the two screen sizes for a while. Almost certain I want the 12.9”.

Ohhh personally I’d go 11”. The 12.9s, they look beautiful but at that size I feel I might as well be carrying my MacBook Air.

Bigger is better IIRC.


Yeah the larger is more cumbersome but it has a better screen and I watch a lot of films/Netflix/YouTube on my current iPad.

I don’t think I’ve ever taken it out the house either - so portability isn’t really an issue for me.

I’m also likely to use it with working from home, so it’s a semi laptop, too.

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Sounds like the bigger screen will work! Definitely if you are using it to work. Although heavier to hold in two hands too, worth bearing in mind if you like to lie down and hold it up.

No I learnt my lesson with holding my phone up in bed - after dropping it on my face a few times. :smiley: