What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Does this count? DC07 finally gave up after about 15-20 years service.


It’s seriously called “small ball animal 2” :joy:


Yeah, not to be operated by animals with large balls. Some self assembly required.


I had the same one and had to put it out of it’s misery a few months back :skull: 🪦

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It’s dead easy, everything just clicks together and you’ll be able to tell just by looking which part connects to others.

I have this one but I’m not sure if it’s the animal #2 :thinking: The bit I really like is how they’ve colour coded the red bits as “interactive parts”.

This is particularly useful if you want to completely dismantle the lower roller or cyclones/filters if you want to give it a deep clean or remove something that’s well and truly stuck in there. No tools necessary!

Dyson owners - a question: does anyone actually clean all the filters in their Dyson? At the recommended intervals?

We don’t. Unless the recommended interval is every year or so.

Which for us is usually when it’s pretty grimey, smells of dog and perhaps isn’t performing at its optimal.


I tend to clean the filter when the Dyson just stops working due to the filter being blocked. I do this once or so a year.

Every week, however mine isn’t the usual use case. It’s vacuuming up hay, dried grass and other associated bits. That’s all pretty dusty so the filters soon clog, nothing a bit of water to wash them down with doesn’t solve. Then it’s back to full strength suction.

I have 2 sets of filters so whilst one is drying the others in the Dyson waiting to be used again.


Solid choices

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Yes, we wash out the filters once a month on our V10. Also once had a notification run on it saying to do it…

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Anyone :thinking: :sweat_smile:


I need one!

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Probably only exciting to charging nerds like me, but I got one of these beauties to lighten my load when travelling in to the office. Provides a beefy 65 watts for it’s tiny size, which is plenty for most laptops.

Replaces this unwieldy combo and also has a second USB C port for my phone / Airpods



Would be interested to hear how that UGreen block pans out!

I’ve had a 4-way one (2 x USB C, 2x A) from them - and it seems to have a bit of an issue if I try and use my apple watch charger and a QI charger in it…

It’s been great so far.

One issue / bug that I’ve found is that if you have a cable (no device) plugged into the second port, the main (high power) port drops down to 45w.

Not an issue for me as I’m mainly just charging my laptop but something to note.

Other than that, super happy that I’ve reduced bulk I have to carry around. Unfortunately my laptop still throws up a warning about insufficient power but easy enough to ignore.

Have spent 3 or 4 hours on the Switch so far and I’m torn.

The bigger, better screen is super nice. The level design of Metroid Dread really shows it off well, with the corridors really standing out and the black walls fading away.

BUT, it’s so damn big and heavy. I found the Lite far more comfortable to play in bed, whereas with the OLED I have to really be sitting upright as it’s just too heavy to hold above you while lying down.

The controls also just don’t feel as comfortable as the Lite. I’m not sure if this is linked to the joycons being add ons but it (obviously) just doesn’t feel as solid and they feel relatively tiny.

So a mixed bag. On balance I probably would save the money and go for a Lite. YMMV if you plug into a TV.

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Not sure if the OLED is heavier than the regular old switch, but it’s something you’ll adjust to!

The joycons being detachable are the reason for the less ergonomic handheld experience. If you only play handheld and will never want to use a TV, the switch lite is always going to be the better choice for comfort.

The Joycons are designed for so many different play scenarios that they do their job, but aren’t exactly the greatest at any of their play styles, aside from the style of chilling on the couch with your arms spread out and one in each hand without wires. I love that. Reminds me of AirPods.

But you can also Share the joy as Nintendo call it and hand one to a friend and use it in landscape orientation where they feel a bit cramped. And this ability means it sacrifices ergonomics that would benefit handheld comfort, like curves for better gripping which the lite has.

OLED and OG Switch are there for those who also want, or prefer playing docked or in table top mode. They’re versatile yet compromised as a result of that versatility. Switch Lite is the opposite.


Went into Apple yesterday to hunt down the new HomePod colours, didn’t realise they weren’t out yet.

But I tried on the AirPods Max, they are incredible. I almost feel like the noise cancelling is dangerously good, you wouldn’t hear anything around you.

If I was frequently flying I’d get some, but for commuting, I’d end up flattened!