What's the last bit of tech you bought?

For video, they’re supposed to help in bright conditions. I thought I’d be able to use them to do some long exposure photos too, but they weren’t all that effective - although that might have been me getting settings wrong!

I didn’t get the ND filters yet. Depending on how I feel about the quality of the footage I can get on this holiday, I may pick them up after.

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Interesting didn’t know that about video.

The size of the lens is going to make long exposure very difficult though. You’d need to make sure it was on a very stable mount free from vibration, ideally sheltered from wind too, and that the countdown timer (or remote shutter if it has one?) were on. Even then you would get a lot of noise probably!

Gen 2…:eyes:


Oh no!

I was kinda hoping for more stock on the Sonos refurb store at £290! That’s quite a jump to the v2.

Just recently bought a galaxy watch 4!!

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iPhone 13 Pro pre-ordered.

I’ve still got a four year old iPhone X so I’m due an upgrade.

Also on an iPhone X running 14.8 till iOS 15 comes out (tomorrow?)

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Monday at 6pm usually but it can take a bit to show.

A Skull Shaver Pitbull head shaver thingy…

I’ve had the old version of this for a few years. It’s a bit tatty now and I needed to replace the blades so thought I’d go for the new and “improved” one since I found a 10% off code and I can try out Monzo Flex while I’m at it too :innocent: