What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Yes. What’s your budget?

My first piece of advice, is don’t go with 2 monitors, unless you have a strong need to. Instead look at an ultra wide (or super ultra wide) monitor instead. The benefit I’ve found from it vs 2 monitors is the fact that I can put a window right in the middle of the screen, instead of overlapping the gap between 2 monitors. It’s better for my neck and all sorts of other benefits in terms of productivity.

Mine’s a Samsung 49” Super UltraWide monitor, and it’s insanely big, but I’d always recommend it. I think it’s the same as 2x 27” monitors next to each other or something stupid like that.


I’m the opposite.

I have 3 screens and much to peoples surprise they’re not edge to edge. They have gaps between them and the one on my left is further away and angled a little more purely because I tend to sit slightly angled to the right. So I use the left screen for Spotify or something that I don’t interact with frequently.

I like the distinct gap between each monitor because they each have a different purpose when working. I’ve never had the need to stretch any program wider than a standard monitor. It would be weird and a waste of space in my opinion.

Each to their own of course :slight_smile:


I 100% agree with each to their own!

On this point, I never run anything full screen. I can fit 3 windows side by side at the size I tend to have them on the monitor I have, it’s great and most of them are overlapping or have specific areas where I can see changes in their UI to identify notifications etc (without having to have notification populate on macOS)

I like the idea of one mega monitor but can you have 3 different taskbars for each virtual screen? Or are all programs stuffed into the one bar?

Also. If you’re dragging a program to a different screen, does it easily snap into place on a wide-screen monitor?

I only have one screen, no virtual screens nothing like that. I use macOS, so only one dock anyway. You can get apps to set up snapping if you want etc.

But I don’t use it like that.

If you really want, you can actually have two inputs into the monitor, so you could run it as a “dual screen” setup but on one monitor :stuck_out_tongue: If that makes sense?


Ahh OK I didn’t know you could run it as a dual screen. That’s cool!

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I like the aesthetic of the ultra wide but not the price!

I like my two monitors but I’d like a third. Then I can have YT on all day.

Unfortunately a decent ultra wide is well out of the price range at the moment. I was looking between sort of £150 - £200 per monitor.

I don’t mind multiple screens as long as the Bezel is relatively small. I’ve never needed to make something bigger than a normal screen and I’m very good at using mission control desktops and swiping between them to get to things I use frequently easily and fast.

Perfect example of how I might use the two screens is the website I’m building/working on the left. IDE on the right. The right would have multiple desktops set up so I can swipe right quickly to see my cli tools running etc. I adore MacOS for it’s multiple desktops, especially when you twin it with another app like magnet or spaces and snap stuff in to place quickly.

Since I switched to solely using my Macbook, I’m constantly swiping back and forth and I miss having more thing visible at once

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Yea, they’re very price prohibitive, and I found that - fortunately the one I wanted had the pay over 5 months option on Amazon.

It mostly shows one desktop at a time, and I use everything on one desktop & just cmd+tab between different screens or click etc, instead of swiping.

Definitely won’t suit your needs or method of working I don’t think :+1:

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Saw the MX Keys on sale at Amazon with payment over five months and couldn’t resist. Had my eye on one for ages.

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Just bought new laptop, and plumped for something a bit difference a Samsung GalaxyBook Flex 2 5G i5 13"

Very impressed with it so far…

I brought an iPhone SE recently! I love the form factor a lot, and the price is very good :slight_smile:


Got a great deal on some Sennheiser HD450 Bluetooth headphones. I find them slightly bass heavy, but that’s easily fixed with the EQ in the companion app, and not uncommon in consumer headphones. As a music producer I tend to favour a completely flat profile, so I pretty much always find myself EQ tweaking on consumer grade stuff. That aside they are pretty nice headphones.

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Is there a reason more bass is considered good?

This article posits that it’s just what people prefer: Embrace the bass: Beats headphones are popular for a reason - The Verge

I suspect there might be more to it. I definitely recall the Beats by Dre brand being the first range where it seemed an accurate profile wasn’t the intent. Meaning, there’s always been bass heavy products but it largely wasn’t consistent across the range of products by any given company.

Of course, it also depends on musical preference. Contemporary pop, EDM, trap… These are styles that probably sound great on Beats headphones and the like. I doubt I’d want to listen to Joni Mitchell or Weather Report on them. So, the popularity of a consumer product also ends up affecting the type of music that people make if they are aware of the products their target audience are likely to use.


I think there’s also a factor of, on cheap headphones bass is almost invariably and noticeably missing because achieving reasonable bass tones takes a better quality speaker. So for some ‘I can hear a thudding bass’ is a sign of quality to the point where more bass feels like more quality.

Personally I like Bose - I find the sound profile works best for voice and audiobooks are 80% of what I listen to. Also I always find their headphones comfortable/ a good fit which is just as important as the sound!

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Sounds right to me.

Seems similar to TVs, where whacking up the brightness and saturation in the showrooms makes them look ‘better’, but actually oh dear god no.

(Most common comment people making when watching something on my TV: “Why is it so dark?” Because I’ve calibrated it to a reference disc, dammit.)

(ETA: To be fair, if they’ve turned it on in the middle of the day, then yes it is dark; it’s calibrated for typical viewing conditions - that is, evening, dark. So during the day? Close the curtains!)


Not sure if it’s classed as tech but I just bought a fan to keep me cool in this heatwave that is rechargeable so I can place it anywhere. It was 70% off on Amazon :smiley:

So now my fingerprint reader has decided to die. Google need to hurry up with releasing the new Pixel phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Done the dreaded factory reset, which did nothing. Now I have to sit and wait for all my apps to download again

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That’s what went on my Galaxy 8. It was a pain but I still had it for two months waiting for the new iPhone.

New pixel should be awesome.