What would you spend an extra £100 a month on?

If you were given a £100 pay rise, what would you spend it on? For example, I would love to be able to afford our cleaner to come weekly, rather than fortnightly, but right now I’m not willing to give up any of our disposable spend for that luxury.

I just wondered what other bills people would like to afford but choose not to at the moment.

This has recently happened to me - I increased the amount I save by the amount of the payrise. Not very exciting.


Probably premium bonds

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Haha, I thought a lot of people would say that! To be honest, I wonder if that is what we would do in practice, if it weren’t a hypothetical. What would you do if you weren’t allowed to save it?

I would probably save it!

I can’t really think of anything special I would get, except maybe nicer versions of things I buy regularly?

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Increase pension contributions by £100. Anything else would see that £100 payrise become something more like £30.


likewise, plus the tax break, meaning more than £100 saved per month.

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Either savings, my LISA or my pension. Future me would appreciate it.


I’d definitely spend it on a lot of very minor lifestyle changes, so that I can’t actually notice a meaningful difference pre/post pay rise


I might buy a few more items I need like clothes / shoes because I rarely treat myself.
Other than that I would accelerate adding to my emergency fund because once that’s up to target I can think about adding more to my Stocks & Shares ISA and/or additional pension contributions. :nerd_face:

Pension most probably

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Exactly what I do, and plan to do next month when I get an extra chunk

Due to my housing company I live on 3.5K a month and I can never spend it. So I save it for my Kids and I would do that with the extra £100 if I had it

This or up my S&S ISA contribution.

Have you asked ‘now you’ if she would appreciate it more? :smirk: