What would you like fixed\improved in the Monzo app?

I agree parity with iOS and Android.

Also PLEASE add these features: Bring Apple Pay feature back to Monzo me sharing payment link. This was promised to be fixed in January but got delayed after you updated the stripe update. It’s such a great easy way for friends and family to pay you and I know there’s others waiting for this to be reintroduced again.

Dark mode, been asking for ages? Thanks.

I’d like some confirmation screens before money leaves my account.

Shared tabs: As soon as you click settle up it scans Face ID and then sends the full balance. Goodbye money :wave: I can’t have been the only person to expect it to allow me to choose the amount and recipients…

BACS/FP payment: You put the details in, fields jump about as they expand/collapse with suggestions and options, and there’s no page to review/confirm what you’ve entered. Again, the money just goes.

Cancelling direct debits: again, click on that button and it just Face ID’s you and the DD has gone. No confirmation or warning.

Other improvements? Please can the statements appear print to A4. Please can you improve merchant data correction process.

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