What would you like fixed\improved in the Monzo app?

So the amazing Robin is part of a team looking at improving the things in the Monzo app.

So has anyone got any suggestions?

One example I have seen is being able to add notes on all items in iOS (You currently can do this on android).

I guess the only rule on this thread is to make it a tweak to the Monzo app rather than a new feature.

My girlfriend and I use a Shared Tab for Groceries. We opened it on January 1st, and every single payment that goes into the Shared Tab is from a merchant you’d consider as Groceries, and tagged as Groceries. No matter what we do, when I put a Sainsbury’s payment in as Groceries, and she pays me, it comes back as General, and I have to manually change it to Groceries. The pain point, is this used to work flawlessly, and I’ve raised a support ticket about it but nothing has changed. Also, the ‘General’ payments don’t get filled up in the Summary, so I have to go and find them. Please sort the automatic Categorisation happening in the App. It’s the number one reason I use the bank, to truly know what I’m spending, and where.


I am not able to delete all references on Payees


This is a bit flippant but there is quite a lot of feedback already…


Have both you and your partner told the app to always mark Sainsbury’s as groceries?

Maybe it got changed by accident?

Just a thought.

I wonder if it’s worth a thread for voting on the requests coming up from the last year, poll style. I think this used to happen semi frequently, although more for new features rather than tweaks.

Might try and collate a list if Boredom strikes :smiley:

Though in terms of features that could fall under minor tweaks for me:

  • Payee Management / Merge Payees
  • Payees - or if not merging payees as a small tweak, maybe showing sort code / ac no in the “frequent” screen, would help for the duplicates.
  • Loans / Overdrafts - Maybe give a timer as to when eligibility would be checked again / general info as to how often this can be checked.
  • Pots - Show / Hide / Auto Round decimals per use settings or however is required.
  • Pots - tapping to enter amount - auto clear the default amount if you tap to enter.
  • Pot and Joint Account - Adddition/Withdrawals - When switching between Add/Withdraw, keep the value statis, rather than refreshing to the default. (E.g, I want to remove £213.59 out of a pot, so I enter that, notice that I’m in Add mode, I tap Withdraw and it resets to the default figure. Very minor but I don’t see a reason why that is the default).
  • Withdrawing from a Savings Pot (and perhaps other pot types) - a little disclaimer pops up saying about next working day - this shuffles the deposit/add screen up the screen when it has space to stay static.

Parity is key. Android and iOS should have the same key functionality. From what I’ve seen, the Android search is missing a lot compared to iOS.

You can’t start improving until there’s a level playing field.


Few more to add from me:

  • Add missing Bank Logos
  • Notification for Savings Pot Withdrawal Clearing
  • Card Number Copied to Clipboard Confirmation (Maybe missing on ios only?)

This :point_up:

Start by getting the two platforms synced and then build from there.


I’d like to see an my own Paye contact actually synced to my monzo account, so that there isnt a little P instead of where my profile picture should be.

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Although the iOS search is better than Android, it still has a couple significant issues. It would be good to get them fixed (at the same time as implementing on Android):


:apple: iOS user.

A few things to do with pots jumps to mind.

Pot images - after a selecting a custom image, the image positioning tool is square, even though pot images are rectangular. Depending on the aspect ratio of the original image, this can make it difficult to position correctly and I find it can take a few attempts to get it right.

I mentioned this in another thread, but the pot type now being directly underneath - and very close to - the pot title doesn’t look right. Seems crammed in (on pot details screen).

We used to have a progress bar for pots with goals - it would be cool to see this return. Maybe not on the pots overview screen, as it took up too much space there before. Although maybe a way to implement it there in a more subtle way could be found.

On the pot details screen, I think I remember the progress bar not being very visually pleasing, but I’m sure there’s a way to make it look good there without looking cluttered :slightly_smiling_face:.


A few more things - home screen related this time.

Target touch areas for the search icon :mag: and pie chart Summary icons feel too small to me (iPhone X). They also feel too close together. I don’t like having to use either of them (for this reason I prefer clicking the left to spend bar to get to Summary).

Similarly with the profile icon - icon and touch target could be a bit bigger.

Settings cog on pots overview/profile screen has same kind of problem for me. Seems pushed out of the way right in the top right and touch target seems too small.

Maybe that’s just me though :man_shrugging:

• Consolidate payments from same merchant/vendor to one line with the option to view individual transactions in a drop down box
• Option to create group transactions to one line with a drop down box manually for certain groups (e.g. bills, night out)
• Ability to attach PDF receipts
• Remove pot withdrawals from feed
• Missing bank icons (First Direct)
• Ability to rename contacts from whom payments have been received + paymentA from that contact to be appear under that name on your feed
•Parity between Android and iOS


I think a more customisable “ROUND UPS” would be a great idea.

For example, be able to add £1 or whatever amount you wish to every transaction made.
Would help saving become “easier”. Could also work in conjunction with normal round ups.

Example. Go to shop and bill is £2.60
Normal round ups will bring it up to £3
I’ve also told it to add £1 per transaction so the bill will “technically” come to £4 but it goes into a roundups POT.
So for that 1 transaction ive gained £1.40 in round ups.

I think it would make saving subconscious and alot easier/quicker to do, and being customisable you can have more control over how you do it.

You can do this with IFTTT. I have it to round up to one pot and an extra £1 to another.

For months I’ve been wondering why people kept going on about geo-location and Monzo, never realised that the app for iOS had that in and Android didn’t, should have clicked earlier to be fair.

Another vote for getting both apps on the different platforms up to the same level, once that’s done then move on to other stuff but again make sure it does to both apps at the same time

Apparently this is one of the things coming in plus

How secure is IFTTT though as your giving a “3rf party” all your bank details lol. Im abit hesitant. How safe and how reliable is it?

You do not give any bank details to IFTTT. They only receive transaction information such as merchant name, location and amount and are not able to initiate payments out of your account.

Besides that, it is very hard to end up out of pocket with sharing “bank details” anyway. Fraudulent Direct Debits (which is the only thing you can do with a sort code & account number) can be reclaimed back no questions asked.

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