What would happen if I lost my card (down the line when you are a bank)?

(meismyles) #1

Currently if I lost my bank card, I would cancel it and have to wait for a new one to be sent to me. But in the mean time I could go to a branch with ID and draw out some money to use in the in-between stage.

With Mondo having no branches are there any ideas or solutions to this issue? Or would it literally be a case of you can’t do anything until the new card arrives.

(natasha) #2

Hi @meismyles,

We definitely don’t want to leave you with no way to pay for things! We hope to do some cool things like enable you to withdraw from an ATM, via the app, and of course spend using Apple Pay.

Do you have any cool ideas for us to think about?


(Rika Raybould) #3

I know that Apple Pay has the ability to deliver an updated card within seconds of requesting it (though the way Apple Pay works means this shouldn’t really be required) so as long as you didn’t lose your phone and/or Watch too, you could continue to use contactless after Mondo supports Apple Pay. If UK ATMs ever end up supporting contactless, there’s a possibility for using that in the future too.

Natwest have one-time ATM cash codes that don’t require a card, I’ve never really looked in to it and it’s likely to remain a closed feature but it’s a good idea and also protects against skimming.

Mondo could also look in to providing a service where, for a small fee, you can purchase a second, inactive card that you can keep at home to activate and switch to in a situation like this.

Just some quick thoughts I had on how to work around this situation without resorting to sending money to friends to bail you out.

(James Billingham) #4

I think the ideal here is probably the ATM codes system like the RBS group supports.

Partnering with Link is probably the best way to offer this.

(PhilB) #5

A backup (possibly even pre-paid) card you could keep at home and activate/top-up/whatever on demand would be pretty cool (you could even use it on holiday and keep your ‘full’ card in the safe). Obviously once Apple Pay is on the go that’ll help there, but if you’ve been robbed of your phone and your wallet all at once you’re going to want some way to get up and running without either.

(Honestly I think it would be disappointing to consider binning the pre-pay cards completely once the “real banking” begins - there’s lots of reasons to want to have a pre-pay card option and it would be great to have Mondo continue to offer one (or at least integrate with a supplier of one).)

(Pavel Kirjanas) #6

What if you lose your card AND phone? :joy:

(tim) #7

What should a Mondo user do if we get phone and card stolen together?

Bit hard to freeze your card if your phone is gone too.

(meismyles) #8

Yeah to be honest, maybe there should be a freeze option on the website that overrides the app. Since topping up from your bank card requires no authorisation other than the tap of a button, if someone gets your phone (and somehow unlocks it or the phone doesn’t have a passcode), they could continually top up the mondo card from the users actual bank account and then continually spend contactlessly.

(ole) #9

These are great questions and to be honest, we don’t have all the answers yet. But we want to find the best solutions over the next months with the help of the community. That is why we launched the alpha program! :slightly_smiling:

If you lose your card bank card, you should not have to wait day for a new one before you can get money out. We will not have our own branches but will find other ways of solving the problem (there are a few good examples above). While we are waiting to become a bank, we stress that you should ALWAYS have a backup card with you in case the Mondo card is not working (it is an Alpha and we are still fixing bugs).

Today, if you lose both card AND phone, you should either email us at help@getmondo.co.uk or call the number at the back of the card (remember to write it down before you lose the card :slight_smile: ). We are also soon adding TouchID check before topping up to make sure it is the only you who can top up your account.

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(David Waller) #10

One of the things I love about Mondo is having the option to freeze the card temporarily.

6 months ago I managed to do a bag swap with a complete stranger on the train. I spent all morning trying to contact them, and one of the things I tried was ringing their bank (I had his bank cards, he had mine!) They were stunningly unhelpful. Wouldn’t contact him to let him know I had his bag and pass on my details - but instead they cancelled his card. I didn’t dare ring my bank because I knew they would do the same and it would be a huge hassle getting a replacement card. If only it had been a Mondo card that I could remotely freeze until I got the bag back! (I did get the bag back, once I managed to read his email address off the login screen on his laptop…)

(Alex Sherwood) #11

Here’s some good news on this, Monzo is recruiting for a web based design position & one of that person’s tasks will be to develop

a web portal for our users, so that they can undertake basic interactions with their Monzo account even when they can’t access the app (e.g. freezing their card, contacting our customer support team)


A Designer Who Codes job post.

Old link to job post no longer works

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Web App (i.e. online banking) with charts & graphs etc
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(Adam) #12

To be honest, this is the only issue that really worries me about Monzo’s otherwise fantastic card. So, what happens if you lose both your card and phone? Well, it takes a simple phone call to Monzo’s customer service which, thankfully, operates 24 hours.

It took a bit of finagling – as I don’t think this is an issue that the company has dealt with often, at this point – but when my phone and card were both stolen, I was able to cancel my card and order a new one immediately over the phone. The downside being, of course, that you have no access to your money until the new card arrives and you can reactivate it via the app. I would love to see the ability to access your account securely from a computer, allowing you to authorise a new phone, which could then be used for contactless payments.

I like to use my own Monzo card when I travel, as it offers substantial savings. However, if you’re going to lose your card, or have it stolen, it’s most likely to happen while travelling. At which point, also losing access to your funds could be a colossal inconvenience. I’m excited to see what Monzo is able to do to combat these shortcomings, and I’ll continue to support them in the interim, but I won’t be replacing any of my regular cards with Monzo, until then.

(Alex Sherwood) #13

That would be great too & I expect it’s something that Monzo’s considering. Jonas described this process recently, which included a mention of virtual cards -

& the fraud team are big fans of virtual cards too so I expect we’ll hear more about those, once the current account have launched.

From there it’s very easy to imagine a similar process to the one that you & Jonas have described but for replacement virtual cards which could be loaded into Apple / Android Pay while you wait for your physical card to get to you.

No more cards?!