What we're reading this week! (20/11) 📰

Happy Monday!

To get your week started off and the ideas flowing, we thought we’d share some of what we’ve been reading and recommending to one another here at Monzo.

Recently, @leah from our People team recommended at our All Hands meeting this article by the founder of LinkedIn about “Tours of Duty” — and how the employee-employer relationship is no longer one based on a concept of lifetime loyalty (and how everyone involved can, and should, adapt to this).

@francisco_araujo in Scalers shared this article demystifying myths about what being a “product manager” means.

He also recommended this piece on how start-up Gusto thought about retaining its company culture while scaling up significantly in size — something on our minds here at Monzo, too.

Ignacio, who’s working on scaling as well, suggested reading this piece that argues that millennials are facing the “scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.”

@bea , our Content Manager, has been thinking about this piece by the same author about how the way we as a society have approached obesity is wrong, cruel, and opposed to what we already know is true about weight and health.

Finally, @cookywook recommended this article about how the moderators of the Mumsnet forum are struggling with drawing the line between free speech and allowing transphobia. It’s part of an interesting, ongoing series at Wired about how “gatekeepers of different online communities… approach being the arbiter of what is and isn’t allowed on the internet.”

What are you reading at the moment?

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Really good read about a classic.

Just found this and it is the first thing I’ve read which truly describes what being bipolar is actually like

Do none if you of you know Fire and Blood just came out? That’s all anybody should be reading this week! :smile: