What was your very first bank account?

Martins Bank, opened for me by my parents. It came with a large plastic money box in the shape of a grasshopper. It is in the loft somewhere.


Birmingham Municipal Bank, Yardley branch. When I was about 11 (late 1960s)! Passbook with handwritten entries. Later became assimilated into TSB. I was gone to Midland Bank by then (my first employer in 1975).


University of Birmingham now use the old BMB head office in the city centre as an extension of their campus. And Prof Carl Chinn, a longstanding professor of local history at Uni of Brum, was a classmate of mine at grammar school.


A positive development for that building, that seemed a bit lost of purpose in my Edgbaston days

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Except when it was used as the police HQ in series 1 of “Line of Duty”… :joy:

Now we’re cooking with gas.

Is that a TV programme? :wink:

One of Supt. Hasting’s (Line of Duty) great phrases.

Is that The Exchange? Opposite where the ice rink is at the moment? Its a cool looking building, we were meant to have an away day there, but I decided a day of listening to dreadful management speak wouldn’t be off set by going to look at the cool building. So I pretended to be too busy with important research and cell culture that just meant I couldn’t attend… :rofl:

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Yes it is

I had one of these for years, before opening a Nationwide savings account.

Barclayplus for me, back when I was about 12. I had a card and a bank giro credit (paying in book).
I was quite a short, young looking 12 year old and the first time I used an ATM, a passing woman had a go at me for playing around with a cash machine :joy:
I don’t think many 12 year olds had bank cards back in the early 90’s.
It got worse, because when I was 16 I got my first debit card (the original Electron card), and the first time I tried to use it, I was refused in Argos because they didn’t believe it was my card :joy:




Mine was a solo (HSBc) and when I first used mine around 16 to buy something I felt like billy big balls.

Now, I wince when the card comes out cos it means money is being spent. How times change!


My parents opened me an Abbey National kids account. Then when I went to college I opened RBS and NatWest. Love NatWest but since being stupid and not paying back a £2000 overdraft they have never let me open an account since. That must be about 16years ago now haha.


Even now? Banks do seem to hold grudges against people

You can’t ever have another account if you close your Monzo and 12 months with Starling


Possibly changing (:monzo:) - recent code snippets show the dissociation of telephone number/email when an account application is rejected or an account is closed - so does this mean it is might be easier to try to join again?

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Will get @NanoOp to test, but I don’t hold out hope

HSBC wouldn’t let me reopen an account for years after I had a student account with them (and lived in my overdraft).

But eventually, they must have forgave since I’m now with them and have been for a while.

Monzo wise, I last enquired about reopening around Aug this year (2023) and initially was told no by review, but then told a “policy change” had occurred and if I wanted to have one I needed to send in ID.

So, it may be worth trying again

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I started off with Abbey National (now Santander). I eventually closed my account and went with Metro Bank (still with Metro Bank now). I stumbled across Monzo around 5 years ago :slight_smile:

I’ve had 3 Monzo accounts in the past year and half. Have they changed their policies again? Last time I tried they initially said no and accounts can be applied for again after 30days. They also require photo ID etc. I’m fully with Monzo for my salary and bills. I just want a bricks and mortar bank for my long term savings… currently awaiting outcome from HSBC but they are busier than usual apparently

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